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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Wings - Chickadee

The cute, friendly little Chickadees have no time to sit still for a picture. They like to grab a sunflower seed and fly off to crack it in a nearby tree.

It took dozens of camera clicks to finally catch a Chickadee during a momentary absence of motion.

Normally the niger feeder is full of Goldfinches, but a few Chickadees have been giving it a try and seem to like it.

They stay on the feeder to eat and don't fly off with the little niger seeds like they do with the sunflower seeds.


Jean said...

Now I know why youre photos turn out so well, you display the same patience with photography as you do with you knitting. I so enjoy your photos.

Renee said...

Oh, I miss the chickadees. Every time I put a feeder up anymore I get inundated with House sparrows :( I don't even bother now.

Thanks for the beautiful photos!

Alwen said...

Wow, I love that first landing photo! That is awesome.