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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chat Back for October 24

Responding to comments left since the last time I did Chat Back.

Judy S. asked . . .
Do you always knit two socks at once?
Almost always. After the first sock is done, I dislike casting on a second. Knitting both at once keeps the project fresh until both socks are done.

It’s especially handy when I’m knitting without a pattern because I don’t have to take notes for the second sock. My knitting notes often seem clear when I write them and ambiguous when I try to follow them later.

Judy S. asked about the One-Three Basketweave Stitch Pattern . . .
That's a really pretty stitch pattern. Have you ever used it on a scarf?
The socks I just finished are the first time I've ever used it.

The back side of the stitch pattern, shown below, isn't especially attractive. It might look better in the looser gauge of a scarf.

Shirley/Artsycrafts left me envious with this comment . . .
How pretty! I love the Fall colors but ours will be later this year. It is still warm enough that hummingbirds are coming to our feeders.

My hummingbird feeder is clean and packed away until May.

Linda Doggett knows what's important . . .
$5 versus 99 cents makes perfect sense to me too! Sorta like the drawer full of $20 socks you and I both own.

Mamere Knits Too Much commented on my red hat. . .
I love it! and the color is nice & bright so you can be found when you're lost in the snowbank :)
I didn't think about the snowbanks. I was just hoping it would get me through deer hunting season without being shot.

This comment from Renee is sad . . .
Oh, I miss the chickadees. Every time I put a feeder up anymore I get inundated with House sparrows :( I don't even bother now.
This is something I consider every time I think about moving to a more populated, easy to maintain place.

If I ask a condo or apartment manager "What kind of birds will I see here?", do you think they'll be able to answer? And, if they do, will I like the answer?


Alwen said...

I'm inundated with chickadees this year! I'm seeing them five and maybe six at a time.

Julia in KW said...

It looks like when you knit two socks at a time, you are knitting them on two separate sets of circs...is that right? Have you ever tried them on one needle? If they are in fact on two sets of circs, how do you decide at what point to move to the other needles?