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Friday, October 08, 2010

Sydney Was Here Today

Son John, DIL Anne, and Granddaughter Sydney are visiting from Idaho. What a joy to see them after a year and a half.

I had two little bags of cut up turkey dog for them to make friends with the dogs. It worked well.

Once the dog bonding was done, I remembered to grab my camera.

After a nice visit, John and Anne headed out to the Paw Paw wineries and Sydney and I headed for Mickey D's for lunch. On the way home, we stopped at the Fish Hatchery and had fun feeding the fish in the Show Pond. I forgot the camera.

When we got home, Sydney wanted to pick up acorns. Who can guess what kids will want to do?

As mentioned in yesterday's post, the acorns were easy to find and she quickly filled her bag.

Tomorrow it's famiy gathering and pizza party at Great-grandma Monette's apartment. I'm going to put my camera in my purse right now, but that's no guarantee I'm going to remember to pull it out and use it. Playing with granddaughters is more fun than taking pictures of granddaughters.


Judy said...

Oh! You are so right about the picture taking. NOTHING beats the real deal!

Sydney is a beauty.

Dorothy said...

Sydney is as sweet and beautiful as ever. Enjoy your grandma time. Take the camera, but let someone else take pictures while you enjoy!!

Jean said...

Sydney looks like a delightful child, she has the prettiest blue eyes, I'll bet she had fun with the dogs and exploring your wonderful yard with all it's wildlife. I know you'll enjoy time spent with her.

Judy S. said...

What a little sweetie with all those curls and big blue eyes. Isn't it amazing how all kids love MickieD's? Only our GK call it Old McDonald's! Enjoy the visit.