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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chat Back for October 30

Responding to comments left since the last time I did Chat Back.

NMJewel asked . . .
Do we have a candidate in favor of this? (Blocking political phone calls)
If we do, he/she hasn't called yet.

Kellie asked . . .
I am curious as to how the Simply Solid sock yarn would compare to other "house brand" sock yarns that you may have tried?
Good question but I haven't tried any others in the past five years so I don't have an answer.

I can tell you a little bit about the Simply Socks Yarn Company Solids from my limited experience with only two colors, burgundy and gray.

The gray I used for Chain in Pieces was not smooth but not too fuzzy either. There is good stitch definition at the tight gauge used for socks.

The light spots you see in the picture are places the dye didn't saturate. If I had been doing a project that required a "solid" solid color, I would have been disappointed in that.

It would make great sticky yarn for colorwork. The color selection is extensive and a color card is available.

Anonymous got my sympathy with his/her vent on political calls . . .
I thought political robocalls at 6:00 PM were annoying. Turns out it's nothing compared to the robocalls in Nevada at 1:00 AM from Arizona resident Sandra Day O'Connor trying to influence the way Nevadans choose their judges.
The only calls we ever get in the middle of the night are when something awful has happened to a family member. I would be very angry about a robocall at 1:00 AM.

Papiokc asked . . .
Good to see Gloria and Pappy again too. How is Sunny doing? Hope all is well with her too.

Sunny appreciates your question. She is doing well and keeps herself busy monitoring everything in the house and reminding us when it's time to eat.

Julia in KW asked . . .
It looks like when you knit two socks at a time, you are knitting them on two separate sets of circs...is that right? Have you ever tried them on one needle? If they are in fact on two sets of circs, how do you decide at what point to move to the other needles?
And Nancy asked . . .
I have a questions about knitting both socks at once. How many rows do you knit of each sock before going to the other sock? I guess it could be one repeat of pattern? Just curious.
My knitting time is relaxing time. In order to make it as stress free as possible I use two separate sets of needles because for me it's the simple way to do it.

No hard and fast rules about when to change socks, but here is the routine I normally follow when I don't feel like doing it some other way.
  • Cast on sock one. Knit the ribbing and enough of the stitch pattern to tell if I want to finish the pair or frog and do something else.
  • Cast on second sock and knit until I have to get up for something.
  • When I sit down, I pick up the shortest sock and knit until time to stop.
  • If I'm knitting without a pattern I'll do one heel flap immediately after the other to insure they're going to match. Same with turning the heel and picking up the gusset stitches.
  • Then it's back to working on whichever sock foot is shortest when I sit down to knit until both socks are ready for toe decreases.
  • Every other row toe decreases on sock one, then sock two.
  • Every row toe decreases on sock one, then sock two.
  • Kitchener, weave in ends, and both socks are done.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the update on Sunny. I really enjoy your puppy posts, wildlife updates as much as your knitting pics and family life information. Please know that although I'm not usually a "commenter" (sp?) I love your blog and check it daily. Happy Halloween! ;-) papiokc

Susan said...

I laughed out loud at your first response! Snort!