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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Dawn Comes Late

This morning I took the dogs outside for their walk at 7:30 so I'd have time to take a shower and get dressed before leaving at 8:30. It was dark outside which reminded me to do my annual Daylight Savings Time rant.

Most of the US now waits until the first weekend in November to set the clocks back, moving an hour of daylight from the evening to the morning. In Michigan we need that hour now!

Kids are walking to school and waiting for the school bus in the dark so a few people can get in a game of golf after work.

What's more important, the kids' safety or an October golf game?

How can DST be saving energy when every one is getting up in the dark and turning on all the lights?

When I left the house at 8:30, it was shortly after dawn. This picture was taken about a mile from my house. See the deer on the right side of the road?

I stopped the car until I could see how many there were (3) and what they were going to do. Also to take a picture because it was so pretty.


BeadKnitter said...

Definitely a beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing it with us.

I agree with you. Daylight saving time doesn't save any energy. I wish they'd get rid of it.

Jean said...

Very peaceful. I've never liked switching the time back and forth, wish they'd just pick and time and stick with it. I remember when I was young it was harder to get up to go to school when it was dark.

Judy S. said...

Nice deer photo! Hope they stayed put. We are heading toward the "dark" time of year in the PNW. December is something else, but then, so is June for the opposite reason!

kristieinbc said...

I used to live in the far north of BC, and the time never changed there. I liked that and wish it was that way where I now live.

Kathy said...

A lovely picture indeed. So so green for fall! I would imagine spring had I not known better!

Alwen said...

Sunset comes early, too!

The sun was noticeably lower this evening than it was Monday when I was driving from one work location to another. Now I can't see the fall color during my drive.

It's getting to be good knitting weather, though.