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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Third Pair of Birthday Socks

Yesterday Bob received his third pair of Birthday socks. (See the other two here.)

This pair was three days late for several reasons.

These socks are knit with three strands of fingering on 48 stitches with #5 needles.

This makes for a super durable pair of socks but the tight knitting takes a toll on my hands, arms, and shoulders. I have to limit my knitting time to avoid knitting stress pain.

My first plan was to use a strand of Trekking XXL, Color 176, with a stand of gray a strand of Burgundy from the Simply Socks Yarn Company solid colors collection.

Once the knitting got started, the results were more blah and less burgundy than I wanted. I ended up using two strands of the Trekking with one strand of the burgundy, and none of the gray.

That resulted in a nice burgundy tweed look to go with Bob's several burgundy plaid flannel shirts. It also made the socks late for last Saturday's birthday because I had to order a second skein of the Trekking.

Now I have two nice balls of gray to knit, probably something for me. I've been collecting a few patterns I want to try. I also have a few other skeins of sock yarn that slipped in the Trekking I had to order.


Lynn said...

I really like these socks!! Three strands of sock yarn makes like a heavy worsted weight??

Dorothy said...

I really have an appreciation for these socks knowing the toll it takes on your hand. I know Bob is deserving - happy birthday to him!

Jean said...

This is my favorite of the three, the great decision on the color combination. I too have run across projects that are taxing on my hands, not too crazy about knitting with cotton. Taking public transportation will be a challenge, but the money savings is substantial and I could use the time to knit, maybe even find fellow knitters on the train.

Judy S. said...

Those look really nice and warm!