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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Oak Leaves Are Hanging On

Oak trees like to hang on to their leaves until it's too far into winter to rake them up. We've been having high winds for the past two days and these big oaks are holding on tight to their leaves.

Most years the oak leaves just turn ugly brown but this year the autumn colors have been gorgeous and the oaks decided to participate in the display.

There's still some color left in the woods across the road as well.


Judy S. said...

There's a kind of oak here, black I think, that keeps its leaves till spring and then dumps them.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how well I know about the oak leafs. I always hated having to rake them in Spring. We are still waiting for color as most of our trees are still green. We set a new record high of 85 2 days ago. (sigh)