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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Red Hat

The past few weeks my knitting has reflected the reality of the season. It will be snowing soon. There have been years when we've had snow by the middle of October.

This is the first hat I've ever knit that actually fits and/or doesn't have a weird looking knob on the top.

I pulled out a skein of red wool and using a 99 cent discount store hat as a template I whipped up a nice warm very basic red hat to wear on dog walks.

In order not to lose my notes on how I knit this hat, I'm going to post my method at the end of this entry. It's not intended to be a formal pattern. Just a reminder.

Anyway, I'm sure all the other knitters in the world know how to knit a simple hat that fits.

Red Hat
Worsted weight wool. #6 needles.

Cast on 90 stitches and join in round.
k1,p1 ribbing for 5 inches.
Stockinette for 4 inches.

k8, k2tog for a round.
Knit a round.
k7, k2tog for a round.
Knit a round.
Etc until after the k3, k2tog round.
Skip the knit round.
k2, k2tog for a round.
Turn stitches to inside of hat and bind off 27 stitches with 3 needle bind off.

Now, instead of buying a 99 cent hat at the discount store, I can spend $5 on a skein of wool and knit myself a hat. Makes sense to me.


Alwen said...

I've had the Hat Curse for years and only managed to shake it last fall!

(Hat Curse = inability to knit a simple hat that fits)

I feel much better knowing a great knitter like you just knit a hat. There is hope!

Susan said...

It looks like a very practical hat and I might just use your notes to make one for myself for when I'm outside with the dogs this winter.

Linda Doggett said...

$5 versus 99 cents makes perfect sense to me too! Sorta like the drawer full of $20 socks you and I both own.

Mamere Knits Too Much said...

i love it! and the color is nice & bright so you can be found when you're lost in the snowbank :)

Judy S. said...

Cool hat in my favorite color...definitely made in the USA! Good job!!!

Phil & Gale said...

Makes sense to me. By the time you figure in your time, labor, etc, that hat costs you at least $20. Got to love it. Knitting is not cheap, but it is sure better than therapy. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your generosity to share your patterns and your expertise. Your blog is a joy and a blessing to me. ~mlk