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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Knitting Log for February 15

The Lavold Sweater
Garnet progress on February 12, 2005Slowly but surely I'm making my way up to the underarms. I'm about half way there.

What you don't see is the back. It's on a second needle and almost as far along as the front.

The basketweave is a relaxing, get in the groove and knit, rhythmic stitch pattern. It's very pleasant to knit as long as I keep reminding myself I'm not in a hurry for this sweater to be done. I have to stay relaxed and knit at a slow and deliberate pace or the yarn (Lavold Silky Tweed) splits.

When I Googled "Lavold Garnet", I only found two other bloggers who started to knit it and no pictures. One of the bloggers frogged her Garnet because she found the basketweave too boring to complete.

I'm glad I didn't do the Googling before starting the sweater. After making a few changes to the pattern to allow for hips ("hips" explained here) and selecting a completely different yarn than the pattern was written for, I think I'm going to like the result.

CIC Socks
The test socks for John's Basketweave Ribbing Stitch are about a half hour short of completely finished. I hope to finish them tonight because the yarn for John's socks arrive today. . .

New Yarn
My February Opal purchases, UNI-Solid green, purple, Handpainted 14It's Opal Handpainted 14, and it's perfect for John with blues, greens, and a hint of purple here and there. Gorgeous but manly. I'm going to enjoy knitting these socks.

My goal is to get it wound into two balls this evening - after finishing the CIC socks - and be ready to cast on tomorrow.

How many people think that if I get this skein wound tonight I'm going to be able to wait until tomorrow to cast on? It could happen. Depends on how late it is when I finish the winding.

The two skeins of Opal UNI-Solid (green #40, purple #18) arrived about ten days ago. No definite plans for them yet, but many ideas churning around in my head.

First I need to get John's socks done and then take a trip to Idaho.

What's Wrong With My Eyes?
My cranky thoughts on Scarf Style by Pam Allen.

The lower half of the pictures in the book are artistically blurred. That is the part of the scarf I want to see!

There are many scarves in this book that you can not see what the ends of the scarf look like. I want schematics. I want clear, detailed stitch pictures. I want to see the scarf ends.

This book should be knitter eye candy. Instead it's knitter eye strain.

Anybody else have this book and think their eyes are going bad when they look at the pictures?


Janice in GA said...

Those pictures drive me nuts too! I don't know who made the editorial decision to have the pictures be fuzzy, but they were wrong, wrong, wrong.

Julia said...

That sock yarn is gorgeous - what a great combination! And the Lavold is coming along nicely, but I don't see that being a boring pattern to knit at all. About Scarf Style, yeah some of the photos are a bit artsy-fartsy - but at least the ones I am interested in, they provide a couple of different views, which helps.

Anonymous said...

Garnet is looking beautiful - and I don't think the basketweave would be boring at all, especially with the lace panel to break it up. Have you decided if you're going to make long sleeves yet? I've noticed that a lot of knitting magazines & books lately (Knitters is notorious for this) don't show good pictures. They may be artistically pleasing, but for anyone wanting the details on a sweater they are woefully lacking! Dorothy/Missouri Star