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Monday, February 07, 2005

Waning Enthusiasm for Garnet

Garnet from the Lavold Sentimental Journey CollectionThis evening I picked up the Lavold Sweater, Garnet, to admire the twelve rows of lace completed on the front and didn't like what I saw. In row 9 there was a left leaning double decrease that I was sure needed to be a right leaning decrease.

I squinted at the pattern picture and said a bad word about pattern books that don't show close up shots of lace patterns. I looked at the stitch chart to verify the decrease was charted to be left leaning. It was. I checked the errata and there was no mention of it.

I ripped back to row 8 and dug out Barbara Walker to find instructions for a right leaning double decrease.

It's my sweater and I'm going to knit the lace the way I want it to look.

Once I got the stitches picked up, I stopped to admire the rows remaining on the needles and had second thoughts about the whole project.

Lavold Silky Tweed in rustI'm not fond of knitting this yarn. Lavold Silky Tweed splits easily and I have to watch each stitch as I knit it. Even then I find myself dropping back a row or two sometimes to pick up a thread that didn't get knit with the rest of the strand.

If I frog the Silky Tweed and pack it away, I'll never get it out again. I paid full price for it and even went back to get two extra skeins. I really need to knit it up to avoid feeling guilty.

My hope is that once I get several inches of the lace panel done the lovely looks of the sweater will compensate for the less than pleasant knitting experience.

I'll report back in a few days.

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