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Saturday, February 12, 2005

John's Basketweave Ribbing

I'm still waiting for the Opal Handpainted 14 from the unnamed yarn shop. The waiting has turned impatient.

The yarn is planned for Son John's March birthday socks and the clock is ticking.

My credit card was billed January 30. After an email query last week, I got this response back on Thursday:
You should have it any day. I am not sure what the delay is. Keep me posted on this. I am sure it will be there soon."

I sure hope so.

This yarn shop is in Canada and I understand it takes a long time to get a package through customs and into the States. But you have to get coveted sold-out yarn runs where you can find them. If this Handpainted colorway is half as colorful as the picture, it will be worth the wait.

Basketweave ribbing stitch on partially done CIC sockWhile I'm waiting for the yarn, I decided to try out the basketweave stitch pattern I'm planning to use with it.

This is the cuff and heel of a 32 stitch CIC sock. I'm not sure I successfully spread the cuff enough so you can see it is a ribbing. Every fourth stitch is a purl.

The New Knitting Stitch Library doesn't name stitch patterns, so I've dubbed it John's Basketweave Ribbing.

John's Basketweave Ribbing
Multiple 8 Stitches and 12 Rows

Translation from chart to words for sock knitting in the round

  1. k3,p,k3,p
  2. k3,p5
  3. k3,p,k3,p
  4. k3,p5
  5. k3,p,k3,p
  6. k3,p5
  7. k3,p,k3,p
  8. p4,k3,p
  9. k3,p,k3,p
  10. p4,k3,p
  11. k3,p,k3,p
  12. p4,k3,p

To help disguise the row change jog, end each row with a purl stitch, the eighth stitch in the pattern repeat.


Debbie said...

I like this pattern! I may have to try it out as I love knitting socks!

Marguerite said...

Yes, give it a try. It's got all the great qualities of a k3p1 ribbing and it looks rich. Perfect for socks.

Jennifer said...

Love your pattern :) was wondering how to use it on a 56 CO sock for my husband, would it work the way you wrote it? I am rather new to sock knitting and am just learning how to do the basic waffle pattern and am always on the lookout for new leg patterns