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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Knit Wit Plans to Knit Lavold

Parking sign at yarn shop that says Knit Wit ParkingJust a few weeks ago I learned about a hidden treasure only ten miles from my house - a new yarn store, Handweaver's Inspiring Yarn Shop.

Strange name, but nice store. I'll be stopping by there often.

The first time I was there, I admired a store sample of a Lavold sweater done in basketweave stitch with a lace panel up the front. I bought Lopi for a CIC vest and left the store, but I didn't forget.

Monday I went back, parked in the Knit Wit parking place, and bought the pattern book and yarn. I'm going to knit it. Or at least I'm going to knit something that resembles it.

An Elsebeth Lavold designed sweater named GarnetThis is Garnet from the Lavold Sentimental Journey Collection.

The store sample was in ecru. I didn't want ecru, so I started looking at the other colors. None of them spoke to me.

Not only were the colors not speaking to me, the pattern is written for Cotton Patine, a 100% cotton yarn. I don't like to knit with cotton.

I had assumed the sweater was knit with Silky Wool, and I decided I was going to knit it with Silky Wool. Then I spotted the most gorgeous rust yarn in Silky Tweed. The perfect compromise. It's 40% silk, 30% cotton, 20% merino, and 10% viscose.

The rust has little flecks of gold and pink in it. Much nicer than 100% cotton..

A closeup of Silky Tweed yarn in rustThe pattern book doesn't have a schematic showing the measurements. That's a disappointment. I like to use the garment layouts to plan the changes I need for a good fit.

While reading the pattern through in order to calculate the finished measurements, I found some mystifying instructions to gradually increase the garment width by four inches half way between the hem and the underarm.

Are they saying this sweater is designed to fit someone with a hip measurement four inches smaller than their bust measurement? I don't qualify.

That would explain the garter stitch band around the hip. Only someone with super slim hips wants to accent them with a horizontal garter stitch band.

I'm leaning toward casting on the number of stitches in the bust and putting a nice vertical ribbing on the bottom.

Since it's winter in Michigan, I'm also thinking I might go back to Handweavers and get enough yarn to make long sleeves.

It occurs to me that when I'm done changing the pattern, I'm not going to be able to say I knit a Lavold design. I'll have to try again. Maybe something with cables in it. And something designed for a woman with hips.


Kate said...

What a beautiful yarn! I love all the little flecks mixed in with it!


Laura said...

Marguerite - I love Lavold's designs & you picked a good one I hadn't seen before. I think it would look better with long sleeves. I knit a vest last year - her Cul-de-sac vest & it was very challenging for me but turned out beautifully. I love wearing it. Good luck.

DJ said...

Hi Marguerite,
Glad to see you mention the Handweaver's shop. I discovered it a couple months ago and have driven back to Kzoo several times from ST. Joseph, just to go to this shop. Marja is such a sweet lady. I never have any problem finding something that I love and that wants to follow me home. I just got the rest of the yarn for my Marketsquares BAL there last week. Almost went up there again today. hee hee I'm a woman and I changed my mind about the color arrangement! Oh, btw, your post was not boring. I always enjoy reading your blog and look forward to the times that I have some extra time to catch up with it.