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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

New Six Sox for February/March

This morning the next pattern for the Six Sock Knitalong, was announced. It's the Stashbuster Spirals pattern, picture here.

The entire sock is done using techniques I have never done before: Toe up, figure eight cast on, three color knitting, Sherman short-row heel with a mini-gusset, and a sewn cast off. What a wonderful opportunity to try some new things.

Janine, the author of the pattern, has a helpful pictorial showing the different parts of the sock under construction. She also has links to detailed tutorials on the techniques that might be new to us. The presentation is excellent. It is easy to see that she put hours and hours of work into the documentation for our February/March challenge.

As foreshadowed by yesterday's post, my initial reaction was panic. I had planned to whiz through these socks, get them done quickly, check them off the list, and move on to something else.

If I knit these socks according to the pattern, that is not going to happen. There's going to be fumbling and muttering and frogging involved.

I do want to take my time, do the research, and knit these socks just like the pattern is written.

In order to do that, I need to sit down and organize my knitting projects into a workable, leisurely timeline. Some of them are going to have to wait. Now I see that some of them are never going to get done. Maybe that's not a bad thing. I just need to carefully pick the right projects to work on.


lucia said...

Read your note on the knitblogs list. Good luck with your blog.

lucia (My blog is http://www.thedietdiary.com/blog/

Janice in GA said...

I'm looking forward to this sock too. I've done toe-up, and figure 8 cast-on and sewn bind-off, but Sherman heels and this particular way of doing stripes will be new to me.
Should be fun!

Maureen said...

I too was shocked at how few people completed the beaded socks. They weren't exactly me, but I whipped them up for the challenge. Then along comes this new sock! Very nice pattern, but I may have to buy some new yarn and not use what I have in my growing stash of sock yarn! Oh well! Just happy to have another WIM on the list of to do!