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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Griffin, My New Canine Nephew

Griffin, a 45 pound cocker/bassett and many other things mixJust a short post to welcome Griffin into the family.

He's 45 pound cocker/bassett (and many other things) mix whose owners decided they didn't want him after ten years together. How sad.

He was recently adopted by my sister, Carrie, and will be overly properly loved and appreciated in his new home.

In his old home, he was not allowed on the furniture. You can see that he is adapting quickly to the new furniture rules.

Welcome to the family, Griffin.


Kim said...

gggrrrrrrrr..........it is beyone me how anyone could place a dog that had been a part of their family for 10 years...ggrrr. Thank goodness he made his way to yours and your sister's family!

Marguerite said...

Yes ggrrrrrr! This is a G rated blog so I couldn't write what I was really thinking.

Carrie said...

Info for the Dog Lovers from Griffin's new mom: My beloved, 17-year-old dog, Grover died on November 30. Before he died, I told him that I would know which dog he wanted me to adopt because the dog would be at least 10, the dog would really need me AND the dog's name would start with GR...I thought it would be years before I found such a dog!! Boy, was I wrong! Griffin jumped in my car and never looked back -- when he arrived here, he jumped on the couch and took a nap -- I think he knows he was always supposed to be here.