Let the past sleep, but let it sleep in the sweet embrace of Christ, and let us go on into the invincible future with Him. (Oswalt Chambers)

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Blogging and Knitting Vacation

Lord willing, the next post will be March 1.


Nelli3 said...

I have been enjoying reading your blog. I don't have extra time for reading but I do enjoy yours. You are on several lists that I am on. I also will be making the beaded socks from the first pattern you made. I am an extremely slow knitter. I am still working on the beaded socks from Six Socks. Hopefully, I can finish soon.

Anonymous said...

I am having a Stitches of Violet withdraw!! I love to read your blog. Hope you are having a great vacation with your family

Carol in NC

Anonymous said...

Carol, I'm Violet's sister and I live in Carrboro, NC -- where are you in the state?