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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Opal Elements Socks Completed

Finished pair of lacy socks knit with Opal Elements 1070Done!

These socks are for me. They're knit out of Opal Elements 1070 in a lace pattern that is a first cousin to Old Shale/Feather and Fan.

The horizontal waves in the stitch pattern worked well with the horizontal stripes in the self-patterning yarn. I like the way they turned out.

I haven't decided what socks to start next. There's some green Opal UNI-Solid that's begging to be made into Shamrock socks. If I work that into the sock lineup next, they could be done by Saint Paddy's Day and I could use the left-over green in my Six Sock Knitalong Stashbuster.

What I'd really like to do is get Son John's birthday socks started. I ordered some Opal Handpainted #14 from Canada which I'm hoping will be perfect for him. #14 was sold out in all my usual Opal enabling shops, and it may be sold out in this shop, too. They don't seem to be big on customer communication and prompt delivery. Or do I blame the slow delivery on customs?

Or maybe I should get going on the Stashbuster socks for the KAL. Too many choices.

I'm going to sleep on it and decide tomorrow.


Debbie said...

They are beautiful!!!! Its nice to knit socks for yourself, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I would never have thought of using a lace pattern with self-striping yarn. And glad to see you made them for yourself!

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful socks for spring!


Anonymous said...

It may be customs...I ordered yarn from Canada last fall which took about 1.5 weeks to arrive. Ebay win from Canadian just before new year's was mailed a couple days after the auction took over 3 weeks to get to me. Similar experience ordering fabric from wazoodle - 1.5 weeks last summer and fall, nearly three weeks on order this year. Worth a call to the vendor, maybe? Any way, good luck getting your Opal!