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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Additional Thoughts on Previous Posts

The Opal Handpainted
It's been brought to my attention that it's not unusual for yarn from Canada to take weeks to arrive. I've changed the February 12 post where I said unkind things about the yarn shop. It was not a fair complaint to make. Sorry.

Last night I wound the skein of yarn into two balls. This morning I cast on, knit two inches of ribbing and about three inches in John's Basketweave Ribbing Stitch.

The colors in the Handpainted 14 are looking great in the Basketweave Ribbing. I'll post a picture tomorrow or Friday.

Backyard Leaves
While Googling for a good picture of Backyard Leaves from Scarf Style, I found a link for a Scarf Style Knit-Along. It's a blog for anyone who is knitting any scarf from the book to post pictures, hints, and questions.

I haven't spent much time there yet, but I'm going back to have a good read when I have some leisure computer time.

Although I'm going to enjoy looking at all the scarf pictures, I'm specifically searching for a picture of the ends of the Backyard Leaves scarf. It looks like the perfect project to try out some of the beautifully advertised Knitpicks yarn.

Those Knitpicks people sure know how to write a catalog to make a knitter drool.

Long Sleeves on Garnet?
Dorothy left a comment asking if I had decided to make long sleeves on Garnet.

No, I haven't decided.

Short sleeves would be appropriate with the limp, light fabric I'm getting.

During my more ambitious moments, I think I might make long sleeves and run the lace pattern up the center. After all, if I'm going to redesign a Lavold I may as well change it big time.

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Jan said...

I was amazed at the quick service from Elann. I ordered(my time) 3:30 am Wednesday morning, and my big box of plain coloured sock wool was on my doorstep in inner-west Sydney, Australia at 8:30 am the next Monday morning. I emailed my appreciation.