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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Knitting Log for July 30

One finished More Fun Than Cables Sock in turquoise Opal UNI-SolidThe first More Fun Than Cables sock is done and a draft of the pattern is written.

Next I need to test knit the second sock using the pattern draft. Then the pattern will be ready to post.

Since I have many things to do before leaving on the trip to Idaho Wednesday, this is not going to get done until I get back. I expect to post the pattern sometime during the last two weeks of August.

The Unplanned Scarf is languishing in a knitting bag. I'm looking forward to picking it up again, but don't know when that is going to happen.

Lately I've been thinking about making some new rules for myself about number of simultaneous knitting projects. Right now I have four going, and that's just too many.

I think I might enjoy my knitting more if I started something and worked on it until done instead of skipping from project to project and having all the projects take what seems like forever.

I know that I don't want the Hanover Jacket to take seven months like the Lavold sweater. I want to knit on it, make progress, finish pieces of it, sew it together and wear it. And then knit another jacket.

Turquoise Jewel jacket by Jean Frost in Summer 2005 KnittersWhile in Barnes and Noble Wednesday I picked up the Summer 2005 Knitter's Magazine and flipped it open to something I actually wanted to knit, the Turquoise Jewel Jacket by Jean Frost.

Not only do I love the looks of this jacket, it is just the kind of knitting I love to do. As soon as a stitch pattern gets boring, it changes to another stitch pattern.

I'm 90% sure this jacket is in my knitting future.

Lately I've been somewhat tempted to knit a lace shawl. But not until this week did I see the first lace shawl pattern I could not resist buying, Violets by the River by Hazel Carter and sold through Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill.

It's a medium size shawl with the river (feather and fan) around the edges, lace violets (my favorite flower) in the body, and lace bees (how cute) along the edge.

The pattern is ordered and I'm looking forward finding some violet yarn and knitting this shawl. But first I have at least four other projects to finish.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Doggy Beach Party

Cattledog Favor going after a frisbee in the rough waves of Lake Michigan Last night some of the dogs from doggy school got together at Lake Michigan. Their humans had a picnic, the dogs had a swim.

Up in the picnic area Gail started the fire for the brats, we set out our dishes to pass, and everyone went down many stairs to the sandy beach.

It was breezy, which translates into waves. Several of the larger dogs had a great time fetching frisbees or balls in the rough water.

Group picture of all the beach party dogs that were still there as it approached sunset Hagar Shores is a bit of a drive, 35 to 40 miles for most of us, but is the only Lake Michigan beach we know of that allows dogs.

This picture was posed during the last trip down to the beach. Not all the dogs stayed for the second round of swimming, so this is a partial group of doggy beach party friends.

Behind the driftwood from left to right:
  • Layla, the Australian Shepherd
  • Favor, the Blue Heeler/Cattledog (also in the top picture)
  • Brianna, the white German Shepherd
  • Penny, the Springer Spaniel
  • Molly, the Sheep Dog Mix
  • Jazz, the Maltese
  • Sis, the Toy Poodle

In front of the driftwood from left to right:
  • Merlin, the Australian Shepherd
  • Sunny, my Second Generation Designer Dog
  • Effie, the Corgi
  • Casper, the Corgi

Sunny climbing the long long stairs from the beach to the picnic area Sunny was my companion for the evening. At last year's doggy beach party the water was calm and she did some swimming. This year she decided sensible little dogs did not belong in those waves.

I honored her reasonable request to stay on the sand.

She appeared to have a good time in her own Sunny way, but when she was ready to go, she was ready to go. She didn't waste any time beating me up the stairs to the picnic area where we watched the sunset and then headed for home,

Next doggy beach party is August 17 and I'm bringing Pappy. I have no idea if he can swim or what he'll think of the water, but I know he'll have a great time with his doggy friends.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Things to Smile About

Three month old smiling Sydney Anne in her strollerHappy Baby
Here is Granddaughter Sydney after a stroller ride with DS Dad.

This is my new desktop photo.

Just a little over a week before Granddaughter Kimmy and I get on a plane and head out to Idaho to see some of these smiles in person.

Bluebird nest with four eggsBluebird Eggs
Sunday evening in the triple digit heat, I noticed Mom Bluebird peeking out of the nest box. Thought it was rather strange, especially in the heat.

Early Monday morning when the dogs and I walked by, she was still peeking out of the nest box. When I said "Good morning" to her, she flew out so I looked in to see what was going on.

A third brood! I didn't know they ever did three broods in a year and I didn't think they would do one this late in the season.

Certainly something to smile about.

Back eyed Susans in the fieldColorful Flowers
Black-eyed Susans, one of my favorite wildflowers, are blooming in the field where we walk the dogs.

They're such a happy flower. They make me smile.

Two skeins Knitpicks Essential sock yarn in dusk, a medium grayish blueFree yarn!
This is the Knitpicks Essentials sock yarn I won in the Six Sock Knitalong CIC drawing. The color is dusk, a medium heathery grayish blue.

The skeins are soft. The yarn seems to be very nice and I'm looking forward to getting it on the needles. There won't be a final review until I've worn and washed the resulting socks a few times.

Guess that means I'd better knit them for myself. Smile.

The Heat Wave is Almost Over
The thunderstorms blowing into the area are bringing a cold front. Temps in the mid 70s tomorrow.

Sunny and I are going to a doggy school picnic at Lake Michigan to celebrate. We're hanging around to watch the sun set over the lake - and I'm bringing a sweater.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Weather Whine, Part II

The National Weather Service gives the most pessimistic and depressing forecasts. I guess that's their job, to warn us of the worse that can happen.

Yesterday's weather was much better than predicted.

Yes, there were thunderstorms Saturday night and Sunday morning, but we didn't get the high winds, hail, and flooding.

Yes, it was very hot (temp hit 96, heat index hit 110) and humid Sunday, but there was a little breeze and we were comfortable reading in front of the fan with nice cold drinks and some ice cream.

In the early evening, just as we were thinking the weather wasn't so bad after all, everything got very quiet as the power grid went out. The fans stopped spinning, the refrigerator stopped cooling, and (we have well water) the faucets stopped working, and the toilet stopped flushing. It was immediately miserable.

We were toward the east edge of the outage which extended to Lake Michigan, about 40 miles west of us, and lasted 5 hours.

We were just complaining commenting about the slow response of the power company when things started humming again. We immediately stopped talking and jumped in front of a fan.

Enough weather whining. I'm all done weather whining as long as the power stays on and my flight out of here (August 3) doesn't get cancelled. Before I stop, though, I have to say: July has not been a pleasant month this year. Is it August yet?

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Weather Whine

Where we live in SW Michigan, the weather is normally very variable. If something ugly happens, like a heat wave or a super cold spell, we deal with it and expect the weather to change in a few days.

When we have temperatures in the 90s, a thunderstorm normally brings in cooler air. After a thunderstorm we expect to be back to pleasant temperatures. Maybe even chilly temperatures.

If you've been following my weather whinings, you know that things have not been normal this July. We've had temperatures in the "hot", "hotter", or "way too hot" range every day and thunderstorms almost every evening. With very high humidity.

Today was only "hot". It stayed in the mid 80s and was comfortable outside as long as we weren't being active. And now, because I couldn't say it better, here is the National Weather Service forecast for this evening:



So, what does it mean when it's 85 degrees and a warm front moves in?


I'm starting to hear the rumble of thunder in the distance. Time to unplug my laptop again.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Knitting Log for July 22

First five inches of Hanover jacket knit with barn red Knitpicks Elegance One skein of Elegance knit, 17 to go on the Hanover jacket from Jean Frost Jackets.

The design has a leaf motif in the center of the back. That's the one you're seeing in the picture. It has additional leaf motifs on the bottom of both front pieces and the bottom of both sleeves.

The first skein knit about five inches of the back. When the skein ran out of yarn, I took a picture and switched my knitting efforts over to the sock.

Finished cuff of first More Fun Than Cables Sock The More Fun Than Cables sock is almost ready to have the heel turned.

I'm hoping this sock will be done this weekend so I'll be ready to start the test knit of the second sock.

For now I'm ignoring The Unplanned Scarf to concentrate on the socks and the Hanover jacket, but there may be a new distraction if the Knitpicks sock yarn I won in the Six Sox CIC Drawing arrives tomorrow.

Close up of More Fun Than Cables Stitch PatternI've been thinking of this sock pattern as More Fun Than Cables for several months now. It's a descriptive name since the little faux cables are more fun to knit than cables, and quicker, too.

But I admit to not being very good at naming patterns.

Any other suggestions?

For the past several days my hit counter has been elevated. When that happens there is usually a good reason. Sometimes I find out who linked to Stitches of Violet, and sometimes it stays a mystery.

Thanks to Linda, an Opal Chatters List friend, I learned that the Threadbear newsletter posted a link to:
Basketweave Socks--perfect in Opal Handpaint, which is what the original is shown in. Basketweave Ribbing Sock Pattern

Since I've never been to this yarn store, ordered from this yarn store, or even subscribed to their newsletter, I was a little surprised. But it was a good surprise. How can it not be good to have so many knitters visiting?


Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thursday Tidbits for July 21

Hazy morning in the field Humidity Looks Like This
After taking the dogs for their morning walk, I grabbed the camera and went back out by myself to take some pictures of the humidity. You know it's humid when you can actually see the moisture in the air.

The sun is trying to shine through (upper left), but the air is so full of moisture that it appears we're living in a cloud.

Late yesterday afternoon we had a thunderstorm. Again. This weather pattern has been going on for weeks now. Hot and humid in the daytime and thunderstorms late in the day.

The power usually goes out for some people in the area. We've had our turn. Yesterday was something a little different, though. There was a flash of lightening, the phone rang very strangely to accompany the thunder, and that was the end of our phone service for the rest of the day.

Large willow branch down across the creek Storm Damage
Since we live in a very wooded area, it's best to be inside when the storms blow in.

Branches blow down, power lines go down, and lightening hits where ever it pleases.

This large willow branch fell right across the creek. It's almost big enough to use for a bridge.

The soft willow wood is not good for much except a nice outdoor bonfire. Fortunately we live in an area where it's OK to burn, except on rare occasions when there hasn't been enough rain and the township puts out a fire ban. At the moment we have the opposite conditions. Everything is too wet to burn.

Nest box full of sticks House Built of Sticks
About three weeks ago when I went to clean out the nest box used by the tree swallows, I found it full of sticks. A wren nest.

Male wrens put sticks in multiple nesting sites and let the female choose the one she likes best. I've had the sticks before, but never had a nest box be the chosen place.

Usually I make a note on what date I found the sticks. Then, after a few weeks of no activity, I empty the box out.

This time, however, there was activity. Wrens sitting on the box and wrens going in and out of the box.

Wren sitting on top of nest boxThis misty morning, I was able to catch a picture of one of the parents sitting on the roof with hatching food in its mouth.

How pleased I am to provide a nest box for the chattery little wrens. Sure wish I could look inside.

It's not possible to open the front flap to monitor the nest without destroying the structure of the nest, so I'm just watching from afar.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Last Garnet Picture

Me, standing outside on a very hot day wearing my freshly blocked Lavold sweaterHere's the finished Lavold sweater. It started out as a pattern, Garnet from the Lavold Sentimental Journey Collection, picture here. Then I made so many changes that the only parts resembling the original pattern are the basketweave stitch and the lace up the front.

For anyone interested, changes and reasons for changes have been detailed here, here, here, here, and here.

The yarn is Lavold Silky Tweed, 40% silk, 30% cotton, 20% merino, and 10% viscose. It wasn't pleasant to knit. It split, hurt my hands, and was costly.

If it hadn't been for the costly part, this sweater would have found it's way into the never-never finish bin where I store unfinished projects for a minimum of five years before tossing them out. Occasionally I reclaim the yarn, but this sweater would not have qualified for that effort.

The yarn was/is very pretty. Its beauty is what caused its impulse purchase at the yarn store. Now that the sweater is done, I will wear and enjoy it and remember that I don't want to knit with Lavold Silky Tweed again.

So, if this sweater is finally done, why aren't I smiling in the picture?

Because it was 90+ degrees and humid. The energy needed to create a smile would have resulted in serious sweat.

Also, because the neckline is too big. When I wear a warm sweater, I want it snuggly up to my neck. Or, in other words, the sweater isn't really done. I will be un-casting off the neckline and adding to the neck ribbing. Sigh.

Do I sound a little grumpy today? It's hot and humid again and I'm about ready to go sit in front of the fan and read the new Harry Potter.

There. That made me smile.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Which Knitting Do I Pick Up Today?

First, The Weather
It's hot (82 F, 28 C), humid (72%), and hazy. The heat index is 87 F/31 C. Cooler than it has been, but we're worn down by the constant damp heat so it feels hotter. And, tomorrow it is going to be back in the 90s.

Thunderstorms predicted - all last week, tonight, tomorrow, and on into the future.

17 skeins Red Elegance Yarn from KnitpicksKnitpicks Order Arrived
Yesterday the Knitpicks package arrived with 18 skeins of Elegance in Barn Red for knitting the Hanover sweater in Jean Frost Jackets.

I immediately put down Harry Potter #4 and knit up a swatch on #3 needles, one size lower than the pattern. Still need to wash it before the final verdict on needle size. The #4 swatch was too big, so I think I've got it nailed now.

The big question that needs answering is: Am I going to cast on this jacket before finishing The Unplanned Scarf? It would be wise to finish the scarf first so I don't end up with The Unplanned/Unfinished Scarf.

Knitpicks did send the last skein of Andean Treasure for the The Unplanned Scarf in the dye lot I requested. There was no indication if they made an extra effort to accommodate my lack of foresight or if it just happened. Whichever it was, I am greateful.

Red Chutes and Ladders for CIC CIC Socks
One more Chutes and Ladders pair of CIC socks done.

This is red, sport weight Brown Sheep Nature Spun knit along with sock weight Lorna's Laces Flame. The socks aren't beautiful, but they're colorful and warm.

If I knit one more pair of Chutes and Ladders for CIC, I would earn another entry in the Six Sox CIC Drawing for some of Knitpicks new solid color sock yarn.

It isn't going to happen. My Chutes and Ladders attention span has been exceeded, and I'm ready to knit a different stitch pattern.

These socks haven't been washed and blocked yet.

The Six Sox CIC Drawing is resulting in dozens of nice, warm, wool socks for the kids. Some of the knitters are learning about CIC for the first time and I hope they will continue their CIC knitting when the drawing is over.

The first week's winners have received their prize yarn and report it is soft, pretty, 75% wool, 25% nylon. I'm planning to buy some as soon as possible. Why? Because I really need some more sock yarn? Of course!

Multicolor CIC socks without the stitch pattern showing More CIC Socks
Even before finishing the first adult More Fun Than Cables Sock, I started a smaller version for CIC.

The adult More Fun Than Cables Sock has a 16 stitch pattern repeat. If I don't stagger the cables, there's an 8 stitch repeat. Even 8 stitches is pushing it for a little 28 to 32 stitch CIC sock, so I reduced the faux cable to two stitches (from four) and removed the non-cabled rib.

Now I have More Fun Than Cables for CIC on 30 stitches with a six stitch repeat.

I think it's cute, but who knows for sure? The yarn is so busy I can hardly see the stitch pattern - and I know what it's supposed to be.

They're knitting up quick, so I won't mind knitting another pair in a solid color to photo with the pattern. When I do, that will complete my six pair summer CIC goal and I'll be caught up on my one-pair-a month 2005 CIC sock goal.

Meanwhile, my apologies for the picture not showing the stitch pattern.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Knitting Log for July 14

First, The Weather
It's hot, muggy, lazy weather with thunderstorms in the evening. That has been the weather since Monday, that is the weather for today, and that is the forecast for the next five days.

It works as the perfect rationalization for getting on line early in the day instead of doing housework. After all, the past two evenings have resulted in lightening and loss of power. It could happen again. Better to have posted than to have vacuumed. Don't you agree?

Lavold Sweater
The Lavold sweater is finally done, washed, and is drying. Picture soon.

Start of More Fun Than Cables Sock New Sock Pattern
This sock pattern has been in my head for months. It's a pleasure to get it on the needles and have it turn out even better than I'd hoped.

I'm calling it More Fun than Cables, which describes the knitting process.

The little crosses are made with double wrapped knit stitches from the previous row.

Real cables pull in and require extra stitches. The little cross over stitches in this stitch pattern result in a nice fabric with no pulling in. The sock fits with the same number of stitches a person would normally use for a sock cuff.

It is a fun stitch pattern to knit. Easy to memorize and no awkwardness once the knitter gets the rhythm of the crossovers.

The yarn is Opal UNI-Solid color #29. I think the socks would also look great in a variegated yarn with short repeats, like Opal Handpainted.

Yes, I'll be posting the pattern for these socks soon. Since I'm having so much fun knitting them, I may do a worsted weight, toddler size version for CIC, too.

First third of scarf with leaf motif from Jean Frost Hanover JacketThe Unplanned Scarf
Looking at this picture makes me want to reach out and smooth the right side of the leaf motif. It really is as nicely designed and knit as the left side of the leaf, just in need of blocking.

This is 18 inches of scarf, the amount I was able to knit with one skein of Andean Treasure, color Lagoon. I have a second skein, but I'm anxiously waiting for my Knitpicks order containing a third skein before proceeding.

The order was shipped Tuesday afternoon by "Best Way and will arrive in 5-14 calendar days."

I'm guessing the yarn will arrive on Saturday with my copy of the new Harry Potter.

Christmas in July.

Harry Potter
In preparation for the arrival of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, I've started reading the two previous Harry Potter books.

I had forgotten how enjoyable the Harry Potter books are to read. I refuse to rush through them, so I'm not going to be ready to start the new book on Saturday unless I do a reading marathon between now and then. Unlikely.

If I was still working full time, reading the HP books would have been carefully scheduled and I would be finishing them just as the new book arrived.

Life is less planned now. I think it's a good thing. But sometimes I wonder.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Where Am I?

It's hot, muggy, and lazy weather.

Yesterday afternoon and evening we were having thunderstorms, so I unplugged my laptop and started re-reading Harry Potter 4 in preparation for the big day on Saturday.

This evening I was uploading a picture of the sock I'm knitting and the power went out. Have no idea why or for how long. I'm writing this on battery, and need to log off before I have no battery left.

Hopefully, if the weather and Consumer's Power will cooperate, I'll have a regular size post tomorrow.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sunday Snippets for July 10

Yikes! Where is this month going? Where ever it's headed, it's one third of the way there already. Yikes!

Knitpicks Order
I kept knitting on the scarf I didn't intend to knit, the one with the pretty leaf motif where I was just trying out the stitch pattern. By the end of the first skein, I had 18 inches and declared the scarf a keeper.

Since I only have one more skein of yarn, that will make the scarf 36 inches. That's long enough for a dressy, pretty scarf, but not as long as I would like, so I ordered another skein. If I get the same dyelot (I requested it), or if the new dyelot matches, I'll have a 54 inch scarf.

After several days of indecision, I ordered 18 skeins of barn red Elegance to knit Hanover from Jean Frost Jackets with the same leaf motif and shadow ribbing as the scarf. I'm looking forward to getting it started.

Haloscan, the commenting software used on this blog, has been having server problems for the past month or so.

The comment counter at the end of each post is not accurate. There are more comments than the counter indicates.

They say they're going to have this problem fixed soon. Evidently "soon" means weeks or even months, obviously not hours.

Halascan is free with ads. I pay a small fee to have comments without ads. I'd be willing to pay a little more for a reliable service. Here's hoping the comments are tallying up correctly soon.

Greenfield Village Pictures
The selected pictures from our day at Greenfield Village are here.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Beep Beep! Splash Splash!

Granddaughter Kimmy and I have been having summer fun this week. The weather has been perfect, not too hot and not too cool. Things have pretty much gone as planned on both our trips. We didn't forget anything important, and we enjoyed our destinations and each other's company. It's been great.

Grandma and Kimmy riding in a Model TEarly Wednesday morning we climbed on a tour bus for Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.

There was way too much to see and do in one day, so we did what we wanted. We spent the entire day in Greenfield Village and never made it to the museum.

We're sorry we missed the museum, but we wouldn't have wanted to miss anything that we did see and do, so no regrets.

Just a few of the things we did:

  • Took a ride around the village in a Model T. That's us, sitting in the back seat.
  • Cruised around a scenic lagoon in the paddle wheel steamboat Suwanee.
  • Hopped rides on the 1930 Model AA shuttle bus.
  • Rode on horse drawn carriages as we went from place to place in the village.
  • Rode a train pulled by a historic steam engine. What a "blast".

Kimmy on the Carousel Kimmy's favorite ride was the 1913 Herschell-Spillman restored carousel.

We came back to this one over and over again.

Once I get them uploaded, there will be pictures of more of the carousel detail in a Picturetrail album.. Lord willing, the pictures will be online this weekend. (I have dialup and it's painfully slow.)

There will also be other Greenfield Village pictures in the album. I'll post a link for anyone who wants to look.

Thursday we sent to the Lake Michigan beach at South Haven. Kimmy spent three hours in the water swimming, playing, and doing handstands.

I sat on the beach, rubbed on sun screen, and occasionally handed out money for a drink or some ice cream. So why am I so exhausted today?

Two pair of Chutes and Ladders socks for CIC Kimmy is home now, and I spent the day in quiet serenity. First thing this morning I finished my second pair of Chutes and Ladders socks for the Six Sock Knitalong CIC drawing held this afternoon.

I didn't win, but it feels good to have the socks finished. Three and a half pair of my six pair goal are done now.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Trying Out the Stitches

Start of a scarf using stitches from the Hanover JacketOne way to answer the question "If I knit the Jean Frost Hanover Jacket, is the shadow rib going to bore me to tears?" is to try knitting some shadow rib.

So I cast on with my Knitpicks Andean Treasure, a sport weight, heathery baby alpaca, and started knitting on a scarf using the stitch patterns from the Hanover Jacket.

And the verdict is: The shadow rib flows off the needles in a nice rhythm.

I'm ready to order 18 skeins of Elegance to knit the jacket.

The leaf motif was fun to knit. Now I'm wondering if I can knit a second one and join the pieces together to make a scarf. Any advice on a good way to join ribbing?

This is not a well planned project. I don't know how to join the pieces and I don't have enough Andean Treasure.

What are the chances I can get another skein in this dyelot? Not sure. Maybe I can make a Seaman's Scarf and it won't matter (so much) if the ribbed center is a different dye lot. Depends on how close it matches. I'm pretty fussy about such things.

I may end up just calling this an experiment and frogging it. But it was a good experiment and I'm glad I did it.

Heading Out of Town

Today I drove to Battle Creek and picked up Granddaughter Kimmy.

Early, way too early, tomorrow morning we're getting on a bus for a day trip to Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, about a two and a half hour drive across the state.

As I kissed her good night, she warned me that sometimes she's grumpy when someone tries to wake her up so early in the morning. But she's going to try not to be. I understand.

Thursday morning we're going to sleep in, get up and lounge around, and eventually pack up and head for Lake Michigan. And in the evening, we'll dine somewhere she can get chicken nuggets and I'll take her home.

It's unlikely there will be another post before Friday.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Knitting Log for July 3

Matthews Scarf knit with Knitpicks Elegance in barn redThis is Matthew's Scarf, free web pattern by Myrna Stahman, knit in Knitpicks Elegance, a DK weight baby alpaca/silk blend on US #4 needles. The color is called Barn Red.

A very pleasurable knit. I'm looking forward to using this yarn again.

Since I've never had the need, I don't own lace blocking wires. I can see how using the wires would have resulted in a tidier block for this scarf and I'll be owning a set soon. Nevertheless, the pattern opened up very nicely when blocked and I'm pleased with the end result.

Note Added July 4:
I only had two skeins of Elegance, so each end of this scarf is a few inches shorter than the pattern calls for. The length of the ribbing is also on the short side, fine for a small woman or child.

If you're going to knit this scarf using Elegance (110 yards per skein), you really need three skeins.
End of Note Added July 4

Two pair of CIC toddler socks knit in JuneMy CIC knitting goal for June was two pair of toddler socks. Done. Both pair are knit with Cascade 220 on US #5 needles.

The purple pair is a basic sock with a wide ribbing cuff.

The turquoise pair is the Chutes and Ladders pattern from the June/July Six Sock Knitalong.

Each two pair of CIC Chutes and Ladders knit is worth one entry in a Six Sock Knitalong drawing. The first drawing will be July 8. The prize is enticing, so I'm knitting up a second pair of Chutes and Ladders CIC socks this weekend.

The prize? 100g of brand new, not yet available, solid color sock yarn that Knitpicks will be introducing soon.

And that explains why I'm knitting little cables (chutes) in my CIC toddler socks when I'd rather not be cabling.

Wish me luck. There's a drawing every Friday for the month of July, but it's not perfectly clear to me if two new pair of socks need to be knit for each drawing. I'm hoping it's not necessary because it's unlikely to happen.

Aside from the second Chutes and Ladders CIC sock, the only thing left on the needles is about six inches of the final Lavold sleeve. I'm sticking to my promise not to show a picture of that sweater again until it is blocked and on my body. It won't be long now.

That leaves me with the question of what to knit next. Certainly there will be a pair of socks, but I haven't decided which pair.

Then there is the Hanover Jacket from Jean Frost Jackets. The Hanover swatch I knit with my tiny bit of leftover Elegance is too loose. I need to go down to US 3 or maybe US 2 to get gauge with Elegance.

The bigger question, though, is: Do I want the jacket enough to knit all that boring shadow rib (knit the right side, purl 2 and knit 1 in the back on the wrong side)?

Some other project options are the Upside Down Aran and the Vest of Many Stitches from Best of Knitters Arans and Celtics. After the endless Lavold sleeves, the thought of a vest is very tempting.