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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Barbie in Opal 2002

Barbie Poncho in Opal 2002A few months ago Susan posted a free seamless Barbie poncho pattern. I left it on the table when granddaughter Kimmy came to visit, and, sure enough, it resulted in a request to knit Barbie a poncho - or two.

This poncho was knit with a fingering weight sock yarn, Opal 2002, using #2 double points.

The pattern would work well in any striped yarn. Since it is knit in one piece (no sewing), there is no problem getting the stripes to match.

I bindoff tight and had to re-bindoff the neck three times before I could get it over Barbie's head. The last, successful time, I used a 10.5 needle for the bindoff. The poncho neck is still a tight fit.

If I knit this pattern again, I will either leave more stitches for the collar or leave the collar open in the front to make it easier to get on and off over Barbie's hairdo.

Short Barbie tube dress in Opal 2002Barbie needed a dress to go with her poncho. Since I still had some Opal 2002 left over, what could be more fun than to knit one up?

This dress was knit with the Basic Tube Dress pattern from Judy Gibson's Barbie Wardrobe.

I used #0 needles and 40 stitches around.

The dress is a little tight. Barbie has the figure for it, so she's not complaining, but if I were to make the dress again I would use #1 needles.

Judy's pattern gives instructions for making the dress with any yarn and any gauge that is suitable for Barbie. It provides three different lengths: ankle length, knee length, and short.

Other patterns in Judy Gibson's Barbie Wardrobe include

Friday, October 29, 2004

Just Starting Out

Welcome. This blog is under construction. Please come back occasionally to see the changes.

This is my new blog to post knitting related topics.

On the sidebar, I plan to post:
  • Links to free patterns for CIC knitting
  • Original patterns for CIC knitting
  • Links to Barbie patterns
  • Original patterns for Barbie
  • Original sock patterns
  • Whatever strikes my fancy

My goal is to update this blog once a week or more frequently if there is something knitting related to post.

My non-knitting blog is Seasons of Violet, which gets updated a minimum of three times a week. Would love to have you stop by Seasons of Violet and get acquainted.