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Friday, July 22, 2005

Knitting Log for July 22

First five inches of Hanover jacket knit with barn red Knitpicks Elegance One skein of Elegance knit, 17 to go on the Hanover jacket from Jean Frost Jackets.

The design has a leaf motif in the center of the back. That's the one you're seeing in the picture. It has additional leaf motifs on the bottom of both front pieces and the bottom of both sleeves.

The first skein knit about five inches of the back. When the skein ran out of yarn, I took a picture and switched my knitting efforts over to the sock.

Finished cuff of first More Fun Than Cables Sock The More Fun Than Cables sock is almost ready to have the heel turned.

I'm hoping this sock will be done this weekend so I'll be ready to start the test knit of the second sock.

For now I'm ignoring The Unplanned Scarf to concentrate on the socks and the Hanover jacket, but there may be a new distraction if the Knitpicks sock yarn I won in the Six Sox CIC Drawing arrives tomorrow.

Close up of More Fun Than Cables Stitch PatternI've been thinking of this sock pattern as More Fun Than Cables for several months now. It's a descriptive name since the little faux cables are more fun to knit than cables, and quicker, too.

But I admit to not being very good at naming patterns.

Any other suggestions?

For the past several days my hit counter has been elevated. When that happens there is usually a good reason. Sometimes I find out who linked to Stitches of Violet, and sometimes it stays a mystery.

Thanks to Linda, an Opal Chatters List friend, I learned that the Threadbear newsletter posted a link to:
Basketweave Socks--perfect in Opal Handpaint, which is what the original is shown in. Basketweave Ribbing Sock Pattern

Since I've never been to this yarn store, ordered from this yarn store, or even subscribed to their newsletter, I was a little surprised. But it was a good surprise. How can it not be good to have so many knitters visiting?


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