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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Short Row Sleeve Cap

Knit in shaped sleeve cap done with short rows from the topKnitting time when I could concentrate was at a premium today, but I managed to finish up the short rows that make up the sleeve cap.

Barbara Walker recommends leaving the short row wraps to hug the armhole edge making "a neater looking join between sleeve and body than any kind of sewn seam could make." Since I've never gone wrong following the advice of Barbara Walker (Elizabeth Zimmerman called Barbara Walker a genius), I did exactly as she suggested and like the result.

The instructions work the sleeve on a 16 inch circular, but I don't have one in the right size so I'm using two longer circulars.

There is only one row knit on the underarm part of the sleeve, so I still can't be sure that the sleeve is going to fit well. But I can't tell that it isn't going to fit, either. That's a good sign. I'm hoping that even if the fit turns out a little loose, it will be acceptable.

I have a KnitPicks order on the way, and I'd love to have this sweater done by the time the new yarn gets here. I've promised myself there will be no casting on of any other project - not even a test swatch - until this sweater is complete.

Hope to have much more sleeve to show by tomorrow evening.

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