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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Knitting Log for July 14

First, The Weather
It's hot, muggy, lazy weather with thunderstorms in the evening. That has been the weather since Monday, that is the weather for today, and that is the forecast for the next five days.

It works as the perfect rationalization for getting on line early in the day instead of doing housework. After all, the past two evenings have resulted in lightening and loss of power. It could happen again. Better to have posted than to have vacuumed. Don't you agree?

Lavold Sweater
The Lavold sweater is finally done, washed, and is drying. Picture soon.

Start of More Fun Than Cables Sock New Sock Pattern
This sock pattern has been in my head for months. It's a pleasure to get it on the needles and have it turn out even better than I'd hoped.

I'm calling it More Fun than Cables, which describes the knitting process.

The little crosses are made with double wrapped knit stitches from the previous row.

Real cables pull in and require extra stitches. The little cross over stitches in this stitch pattern result in a nice fabric with no pulling in. The sock fits with the same number of stitches a person would normally use for a sock cuff.

It is a fun stitch pattern to knit. Easy to memorize and no awkwardness once the knitter gets the rhythm of the crossovers.

The yarn is Opal UNI-Solid color #29. I think the socks would also look great in a variegated yarn with short repeats, like Opal Handpainted.

Yes, I'll be posting the pattern for these socks soon. Since I'm having so much fun knitting them, I may do a worsted weight, toddler size version for CIC, too.

First third of scarf with leaf motif from Jean Frost Hanover JacketThe Unplanned Scarf
Looking at this picture makes me want to reach out and smooth the right side of the leaf motif. It really is as nicely designed and knit as the left side of the leaf, just in need of blocking.

This is 18 inches of scarf, the amount I was able to knit with one skein of Andean Treasure, color Lagoon. I have a second skein, but I'm anxiously waiting for my Knitpicks order containing a third skein before proceeding.

The order was shipped Tuesday afternoon by "Best Way and will arrive in 5-14 calendar days."

I'm guessing the yarn will arrive on Saturday with my copy of the new Harry Potter.

Christmas in July.

Harry Potter
In preparation for the arrival of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, I've started reading the two previous Harry Potter books.

I had forgotten how enjoyable the Harry Potter books are to read. I refuse to rush through them, so I'm not going to be ready to start the new book on Saturday unless I do a reading marathon between now and then. Unlikely.

If I was still working full time, reading the HP books would have been carefully scheduled and I would be finishing them just as the new book arrived.

Life is less planned now. I think it's a good thing. But sometimes I wonder.

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