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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Knitting Log for July 3

Matthews Scarf knit with Knitpicks Elegance in barn redThis is Matthew's Scarf, free web pattern by Myrna Stahman, knit in Knitpicks Elegance, a DK weight baby alpaca/silk blend on US #4 needles. The color is called Barn Red.

A very pleasurable knit. I'm looking forward to using this yarn again.

Since I've never had the need, I don't own lace blocking wires. I can see how using the wires would have resulted in a tidier block for this scarf and I'll be owning a set soon. Nevertheless, the pattern opened up very nicely when blocked and I'm pleased with the end result.

Note Added July 4:
I only had two skeins of Elegance, so each end of this scarf is a few inches shorter than the pattern calls for. The length of the ribbing is also on the short side, fine for a small woman or child.

If you're going to knit this scarf using Elegance (110 yards per skein), you really need three skeins.
End of Note Added July 4

Two pair of CIC toddler socks knit in JuneMy CIC knitting goal for June was two pair of toddler socks. Done. Both pair are knit with Cascade 220 on US #5 needles.

The purple pair is a basic sock with a wide ribbing cuff.

The turquoise pair is the Chutes and Ladders pattern from the June/July Six Sock Knitalong.

Each two pair of CIC Chutes and Ladders knit is worth one entry in a Six Sock Knitalong drawing. The first drawing will be July 8. The prize is enticing, so I'm knitting up a second pair of Chutes and Ladders CIC socks this weekend.

The prize? 100g of brand new, not yet available, solid color sock yarn that Knitpicks will be introducing soon.

And that explains why I'm knitting little cables (chutes) in my CIC toddler socks when I'd rather not be cabling.

Wish me luck. There's a drawing every Friday for the month of July, but it's not perfectly clear to me if two new pair of socks need to be knit for each drawing. I'm hoping it's not necessary because it's unlikely to happen.

Aside from the second Chutes and Ladders CIC sock, the only thing left on the needles is about six inches of the final Lavold sleeve. I'm sticking to my promise not to show a picture of that sweater again until it is blocked and on my body. It won't be long now.

That leaves me with the question of what to knit next. Certainly there will be a pair of socks, but I haven't decided which pair.

Then there is the Hanover Jacket from Jean Frost Jackets. The Hanover swatch I knit with my tiny bit of leftover Elegance is too loose. I need to go down to US 3 or maybe US 2 to get gauge with Elegance.

The bigger question, though, is: Do I want the jacket enough to knit all that boring shadow rib (knit the right side, purl 2 and knit 1 in the back on the wrong side)?

Some other project options are the Upside Down Aran and the Vest of Many Stitches from Best of Knitters Arans and Celtics. After the endless Lavold sleeves, the thought of a vest is very tempting.

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