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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chat Back for November 27

Responding to comments left since the last time I did Chat Back.

Gail asked . . .
You can go 6 weeks between cuttings?!!!!
In a past life when I worked as a cosmetologist, I learned that the average head of hair grows about a half inch a month.

Usually I go five weeks between haircuts, but that time interval put the haircut on December 23. I like to stay away from the busy shopping centers just before Christmas, so I scheduled my next haircut for the following week, the week after Christmas. It will be in serious need of a cut by then, so I hope the road conditions cooperate.

Papiokc asked . . .
On a different note, how is Pappy doing? Hope all is well.

All is well. Pappy is old but in good health for his age.

This past week we celebrated his eighth year with us. I hope by now his little doggy brain only remembers the good part of his life after he was rescued.

Dorothy said . . .
At least there are not deer hunters in our yard! EEK!

To my knowledge we've never had a deer hunter come onto our property, but it could easily happen if a hunter was tracking a wounded deer or spotted one of the many deer that have been coming into the yard to eat acorns.

If a hunter is not on our property but shooting into our property, how far would a bullet go? I'm not sure I want to know the answer to that question. I do know I want the hunters to know I'm human and not fair game, so during firearm deer hunting season I sing loudly on dog walks.

Only three more days and firearm hunting season is over.

Deer picture taken out the kitchen window yesterday morning.


NMjewel said...

You are so lucky to see deer that close up. I know they nibble down things that maybe you'd like to grow.

Jean said...

Pappy looks like such a dear sweet dog and it's great that deer season will be over soon and you can enjoy your walk in safety.

Kathy said...

Cant imagine living in firearm shot! Pappy looks so cute!