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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wednesday Wings - Downy Figures Out the Feeders

We're in the middle of a Lake Effect Snowfall today, our first of the season. The birds are flocking to the feeders.

For some of them it's their first winter and they need a little time for their bird brains to figure out how the feeders work.

This male Down Woodpecker thinks there should be something for him to eat in this mesh, but he's puzzled about what and where it might be.

Maybe if he tries a different side?

After circling the entire mesh nyjer feeder and not finding anything at four inches above the top level of the seed, young Downy decides to sit up on the hanger and think about it for a few minutes.

Next he flies over to the suet feeder where he doesn't have any luck finding something to eat either. At this point I'm laughing out loud.

Ah, he's got it figured out. I knew he could do it.


Judy said...


This first snow is beautiful.

But now I'm done with it.

Alwen said...

Poor Downy, but how funny!

I've been enjoying the snow with a new Project FeederWatch birdwatching partner (our son). The birds really swarmed the feeder today, but our counting days were Monday and Tuesday.

Mary said...

Definitely a redhead :)

Lynn said...

Oh so cute!!! And glad he figured it out too. Now he can feast!! And show the others where the goods are.

Kathy... said...

Downys are some of our very favorite birds. They frequent our suet feeders quite often.

We have our first winter storm warning set for tomorrow afternoon. Bound to happen eventually. A fine welcome back for BG's parents - who have been in Hawaii this past week. (It's been a long week...I am soooo tired! LOL)

Judy S. said...

He must have had momentary hypothermia! Great photos!