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Thursday, November 04, 2010

After Midnight Sock Yarn

Three pairs of Chirstmas gift socks need to be knit before Christmas - Brother Dave, Brother Dave's SO Karen, and Doggy School Teacher Gail.

Karen likes dark socks. Her yarn arrived today. Stalwart Sock Yarn from Slackford Studio. The color is After Midnight.

Not sure what stitch pattern I'm going to use. Karen is one of the few people who actually looks at and admires the patterns in the stitches, so I want to pick something interesting for her.


Mamere Knits Too Much said...

yum! that color should make any pattern just POP!

i love the yarn from Slackford.... some Goth Princess & Goth Queen are coming my way!

NMjewel said...

I rarely knit socks for anyone other than myself and my daughter. The only time I presented a pair to a colleague, they were returned TWICE for repairs! I didn't know what to say! Dutifully repaired, I haven't heard from them again...
As I think about it, I HAVE given socks to 3 other friends who just adore them.
Dark is beautiful! Use your light!

Rita said...

If you check Harlot's Blog right now she is knitting beautiful socks right now. Rita

Alwen said...

Wow, that's dark, all right! I hope you have a good light to knit by.