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Friday, November 19, 2010

Starmore Eye Candy

Even though I own the "old" hardcover version, I had to buy the Aran Knitting: New and Expanded Edition by Alice Starmore when it was 40% off last month.

Although reading the preface to the new addition where Ms Starmore insults almost everyone in the knitting world was entertaining, I bought the book for the eye candy and the patterns.

Many of the patterns have additional, smaller sizes. Pictures from the old edition have been joined by new pictures.

Irish Moss is one example. In the old book it is shown as a man's sweater. The smallest size is 44.5 inches.

In the new book, the smallest size is 39.5 inches. Just right. I want to knit it someday, but even if I never do I'll get years of pleasure just looking at the picture.


Kathy... said...

I think Santa took advantage of that same 40% off sale. At least I HOPE she did! I love my St. Brigit - the pride of all my years of knitting. I tell myself I will do it again someday. It's huge and oversized, but I wear it as a jacket - over normal clothes, and it's just perfect! I can hardly wait to read the first part of the book....good laughs are always enjoyable.

BeadKnitter said...

Hmmm.... debating whether being insulted is worth owning another copy of this book. I've already got the original.

Darn, now you've got me curious about it.

Dorothy said...

I, too have the original, but have this one on hold at the library. At the rate it's going, I should get in about a year.

Anonymous said...

I've only knit one Alice Starmore pattern but have never worn it. When I saw the republished book, I declined but maybe I should rethink getting it.

I love your red gansey from yesterday! Thanks too for the nice comments and thoughts on my blog.