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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Juncos and Salmon, Two Signs of Late Autumn

The Juncos arrived the middle of October.

They migrate from way way up north to the winter in the milder climate of SW Michigan. Their common name is Snowbird because normally it snows about the same time we see them at the feeders.

This year we were blessed with a snowless October. It was great. I'd love a snowless November as well.

The salmon are swimming up the creek.

We've been promised a "chance of snow showers" the next few days, but the day temperatures are going to be above freezing so it isn't going to stick.


Jean said...

What wondrous photos, that bird is so sweet looking, what are it's characteristics? Wow! You have salmon going through your property? While I'm not a person who fishes, It would be tempting to have a friend catch one for a special dinner.

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence! That little Junco may have been in my backyard a couple of weeks ago!

I live in mid-Saskatchewan. My husband puts out food specifically for the Juncos, when they stop at our place for a snack during their migration to and from Northern Sask.

We often wondered how far south Juncos go for the winter, and now we know.


katherine said...

My son, now 25, first saw Juncos at the feeders when he was around 3 yrs. old. He forgot their exact name, and called them the garbage birds. When I told him again I remember he said that garbage worked too because they were always on the ground eating the seed that the other birds had tossed off. I haven't seen any yet this year at my feeders, but without any snow and the warm temperatures, I'm sure they are finding plenty to eat in the marshes, fields and woods around my house.

Sherilan said...

I have a repair question...My daughter wore here brand new socks one day and snagged them - broken stitch. I have yarn to match - what is the best way to fix this hole? Thanks.

NMjewel said...

Juncos! They are the cheerful part of a snow fall... They come out of nowhere! We have them in NW New Mexico too. (But not now... maybe in January.)