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Monday, October 19, 2009

The Trout Are Running

Blue sky!

Something we haven't seen much of in the month of October. For a bonus, it got warm enough today to go outside with only jeans and a sweatshirt. And wool socks, of course.

The fish that we think are trout are swimming up the creek. We're going to call them trout in this post. If you know different, I'd love to hear your theory.

What you're looking at in this picture and the next is a clear, cold, fast running stream with a sandy bottom. When I take pictures of the trout, they're under water but you can't see the water unless it ripples. When it ripples, you can't see the trout.

This first one is healthy looking and making good time against the current.

This second one is almost dead. It moves a few feet and then has to rest for many minutes. Sometimes it leans to one side like a sick goldfish.

I hope it gets to the neighbors before it dies.

When they die they wash up on the creek bank and I have to wade in the muck to get them. If I don't they rot and smell awful. At least they smell awful to me. Glory thinks rotten fish smell wonderful. So wonderful she likes to roll in them.

Sunny Update: Yesterday I cut her Prednesone dose in half. She gets half a dose for three days and then every other day for a week. So far, she's doing OK with a few shaky moments.

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