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Thursday, October 08, 2009

New Red Pump

This afternoon it was 60 degrees in the house and I decided it was time to turn on the furnace for the first time this heating season.

12:30 I sat down with my laptop and didn't hear hot water noises in the pipes or the sound of the furnace pump. The house wasn't getting warmer.

Bob agreed I should call the furnace repair people instead of him trying to fix it himself.

1:00 I called the furnace service and they said Alan would come this evening after four.

By 5:30 Alan still hadn't come or called.

5:30 I called the furnace service and they said we were on Alan's list. This is their busy season. Alan was working hard and late but he would be coming tonight.

Pappy and I missed doggy school waiting for Alan.

6:00 Alan called and said he was on the way.

6:30 Alan diagnosed the problem, said we needed a new pump and he didn't have one. He apologized for leaving us with no heat, said the office would call tomorrow to schedule a pump installation, and left.

6:45 I decided to get online and relax. Just as I was getting ready to tie up the phone line, Alan called. He found a pump and wanted to come back and install it because they are so busy this time of year he didn't think anyone else could get to us for days.

7:00 Alan was back. He knew what he was doing, but it still took a little over two hours. Our furnace is a boiler. Installing a new pump involves hoses, draining, valves, filling, purging the air out of the pipes (done with a hose), and running all over the house to make sure the hot water is getting into the baseboard radiators.

9:30 We have a pretty new red pump. Not as much fun as pretty red yarn but the house is warm.

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