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Friday, October 09, 2009

Chat Back for October 9

Answering questions from comments and email.

Jan commented . . .
Alan probably wishes you could have knit a pretty red pump; he could have called it a day sooner.

Thanks for the laugh.

I wish I could have knit a pretty red pump. We don't have the bill yet, but I'm sure a knitted pump would have been cheaper. Although maybe not as effective at getting the hot water up into the baseboards.

Lisa asked . . .
I know you have knit a lot of sweaters. Have you ever knit one for your husband?

DH Bob is a flannel shirt guy and says he would never wear a sweater, so I haven't knit one for him. Just socks and hats which he appreciates and wears.

Numerous Questions About Slackford Studio

Donna asked . . .
Do you find the Stalwart sock yarn to be darker than shown usually?

It's the nature of buying yarn online to have the color be a surprise when the package arrives. I allow for that in my expectations. I don't find SS yarn to be more of a surprise than other vendors.

I so appreciate online yarn sources that take a minute to write a brief color description.

I was delighted to have Stormy Night be darker in person than it appeared on my laptop.

I wanted a pretty, dark toned yarn for knitting Clandestine but didn't consider Stormy Night a candidate until I unwrapped it.

Susan asked . . .
How about a lacy scarf out of the Cardinal? Wouldn't that wonderful, soft color make you feel warm in January?

Have to agree it sounds wonderful.

In reality I'm not a scarf person tending to forget them, lose them, be annoyed when they don't stay in place, flip them into food, and get them caught in/on external objects.

JoLynn asked (about my new Slackford Studio yarn). . .
I am curious, how you happen to find this yarn? Did you get to feel or see it before ordering?

I've been reading Sue's blog for years before she started her business. When she started showing the yarn she was dying, I noticed the pretty colors, especially the rich multiple hues that could be knit without detracting from the stitch pattern.

The day Sue introduced her Stalwart Sock with nylon content, I had to try a skein (without physically seeing or feeling it) and loved it for its smoothness when knitting and great stitch definition.

It's my nature to stick with something when I love it instead of trying other things I may or may not love as much, so that's what I've done.

Lisa asked . . .
May I recommend you try the Hedonist sock yarn from Slackford?

Lisa asked this question the day before I posted my new Hedonist stash. Hedonist is sock yarn with 10% cashmere.

I have two skeins of Hedonist, Aster and Cardinal. They are gorgeous and so soft. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with them. For now I'm just enjoying them.

Donna asked . . .
Ive used her yarn Slackford Studio once before and was well pleased. Tell me how does it wear over time?

I haven't given them the test of time yet.

I have Opals that are over ten years old that I wish would wear out. After ten years I'm ready for something different.

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