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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday Wings - Young Blue Heron

I love it when a heron decides our creek or pond is hunt worthy. They are so pretty.

They stand perfectly still for long periods of time just waiting for dinner to swim up. Then they dip their long beak into the water and grab the unfortunate, unsuspecting prey.

Heron pictures need to be taken out the window. Glory, our 13 year old lab mix, is still alert enough to spot the herons before I see them and she chases them off. She thinks it's great sport and I'm not sure I could stop her even if I was quick enough to try.

Live in a wetland and there will be snakes. We have harmless water snakes in the creek and pond. When they spot a human nearby they get in the water and swim off as quick as they can unless they're digesting dinner and can't move.

The heron like to eat the small young water snakes, but I've never seen a heron grab a snake this large.

This snake didn't move while I walked back to the house to grab my camera. There are no obvious dinner lumps distorting its shape, so I'm guessing it was just too cold to want to move out of the sun.

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