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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Wings - Ladybugs

They're all over the south and east sides of the house and they want in!

Most of the trees on our property are oak, not big on autumn color.

In a normal year the oak leaves turn brown in November and fall to the ground when it's too cold to take care of them until spring. If we want autumn color, we have to drive down the road.

This year is a little strange. Although October has been colder and wetter than normal, we are overdue for a hard frost. The tree colors are lovely and this big oak tree even decided it could show a little bit of yellow.

Normally by now the hosta leaves would have frozen, thawed, and turned into a pile of mush on the ground. I don't ever remember them standing long enough to show their pretty fall colors.

The yarn would be looking spectacular with hosta color if 90% of them hadn't been eaten by deer.

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