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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Lots of New Yarn

Slackford Studio Sue introduced Hedonist, a new line of yarn, a few weeks ago. It's 70% Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon, and 10% Cashmere.

The first batch she put on Etsy was mostly bright shades of pink, which don't tempt me. Fortunately, she also had a few other colors, including this Aster.

When Aster arrived, I verified that the yarn was soft and wonderful. I left it out so I could pet it often, but still have no plans for it except to enjoy owning it.

I also planned not to buy any more Hedonist until I had a chance to knit it up OR there was a color I couldn't resist.

The next batch of Hedonist contained the color I could not resist. It's called Cardinal and is so lovely I'm not sure I can ever find a worthy knitting project for it.

It looks exactly like the soft downy feathers of a red cardinal. How does Sue do that?

Stocking up for more Cookie socks, I bought a few more skeins of Stalwart Sock yarn in the colors that were shouting "buy me".

There's a gallery of all the colorways Sue dyes here. Because she's a business of one (with occasional help from her DH) with a real job, only a small subset of colors are available at one time. It's the perfect excuse to buy sock yarn - have to buy it quick when it's available. Really quick, before someone else grabs it out of the shop.

This is Steelyard Blues. Perfect for Cookie socks. I predict it won't be in the stash very long.

Stormy Night is going to be a pair of Clandestine socks, hopefully before the month of October is over.

I won this skein of Stalwart Sock in a Slackford Studio Group Slackford Studio Group, (a Ravelry link) drawing.

It came without a label, but looking at the gallery of colors I'm guessing it's Skydive. Whatever it is, I like it alot. It won't be sitting around in the stash very long, either.

So, with all this fantastic yarn sitting around begging to be cast on, I've started knitting Wanida on some ten year old dark gray Regia that is adequate but unloved. When I get a cuff or two done, I'll report.

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