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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Red Scoks for CIC

These socks were knit for the CIC_Knit List big kids challenge ending March 31. This is pair four of my five pair personal goal for the challenge.

Red socks for CIC knit from Susan's unnamed pattern Pattern: Susan's Mystery Socks, official sock name not yet revealed.

Yarn: Red Patternworks Bretton (70% superwash wool, 25% nylon, and 5% alpaca) with leftover red and gray Austermann Step 18 carried along.

Needles: Pony Pearl #5 double points

Gauge: 5 stitches/inch (approximate, I didn't measure)

Inspiration: Seeing Pat's red socks.

Red Bretton yarn from PatternworksIt was Monday evening and I was settled into my knitting spot wondering what to pick up. My mood was tired from shoveling and I wanted to knit something mindless but interesting.

Looking around at my knitting mess, I spotted the red Bretton from Patternworks and two balls of Austermann Step leftover from my birthday socks.

At that point, I remembered admiring Pat's red socks knit from Susan's Mystery Pattern. I quickly printed off the pattern, sat down and cast on.

I used the smallest ball of Step for the first sock, knit until it was gone, and finished up the foot with some gray Opal UNI-Solid. Then I knit the second sock to match.

For once I followed a pattern exactly - almost. When I got to the toe, I realized I hadn't printed that part of the pattern so I finished with the same toe I always use. It turned out to be the same as Susan's toe except for having one extra row of knit without decreases.

Since the socks are for CIC, I didn't need to worry about fit. Lengthwise they fit me (shoe size 6), but they are a bit too wide for my narrow feet.

As part of writing the pattern, Susan wrote an excellent tutorial on how to Kitchener . Using her 3 basic rules and 2 easy steps, anyone can master the Kitchener stitch.

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