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Monday, February 26, 2007

Crunchy Winter Walk

We've had approximately 40 inches of February snow in SW Michigan. Because it came gradually, the snow on the ground had time to compact as new snow was added.

We've had some days where temps got above freezing with the melting snow freezing into ice when the temperature dropped at night.

Yesterday we had some freezing rain, making a slippery layer of ice on top of everything.

Pappy standing on top of the snowToday it's lightly snowing. There's about a half inch of new snow on the ice layer, making it less slippery.

The complete layer of snow, which is now mostly frozen slush, is about a foot deep. Depth varies depending on how the snow drifted while it was still light enough to be blown around.

Pappy and Glory finally get to walk out in the fieldFor the first time in several weeks, I walked to the back of the property with Glory and Pappy.

Glory, the big dog, broke through the top crust.

Pappy, the 14 pound dog, quickly learned that if he stayed out of Glory's tracks and my tracks, he was able to walk on top of all the accumulated snow except what fell today.

red Bretton socks with Opal rose hipsSince I posted the first picture when these socks were almost done, it's a bit redundant to post a finished picture. But I like to be consistent, so a finished picture it is.

All sock details are here.

Worsted weight socks have been my comfort this winter. I finished these Saturday evening and immediately put them on my feet.

The freezing "winter mix" arrived before I went to bed Saturday, and I enjoyed waking up in my bright socks to inspect the damage. Thankfully there was not enough ice to bring down tree limbs and take out power lines, but there was enough ice so I didn't think it wise to walk around outside or drive to church.

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