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Monday, February 12, 2007

I've Got Options

As I was finishing up Frode, my eyes kept wandering to the opposite page in Lavold's book where there was a very pretty 21 stitch braid between two cables just like the two cables in the Cozy in Cables pattern.

Surely that was a sign that I needed to use some more of my Lamb's Pride Bulky stash and knit a Cozy in Cables with a Viking braid up the front.

The only 10.5 needles I had were 24 inches. In anticipation of starting a 40 inch Cozy in Cables, I stopped at the yarn store to pick up a longer 10.5, and did a double take at the price. $18.95 for an Addi Turbo circular needle. Not extra long, not extra big, not extra anything. Just like the dozens of Addi Turbos I already own.

Since the store didn't carry a length I could use, I didn't have to think twice about not paying that much. I headed toward the door, checking out the price of Lamb's Pride bulky on the way. $8.25 a skein. Almost three times what I paid at the Sheep Shed Studio.

(I will now continue this post without digressing into a discussion on supporting our local yarn stores. It's all very sad. I would have to consider them a charity to willingly pay their prices, but I do understand why they have to charge them.)

My new set of Knitpicks Options needlesAs soon as I got home, I sat down and ordered a set of Knitpicks Options needles. For less than the price of three Addi Turbos at my local yarn store, I could buy sharp pointed needles size 4 through 11, with two 32" cords and two 24" cords.

So far I've only used the 32" 10.5 needle. My initial reaction: That point is sharp!

I have the habit of pushing my knitting around with my index finger on the point of the needle. In less than an hour, my finger was bloody and I'd been retrained by the pain of piercing myself. And that was with a 10.5 needle. I'm imagining the smaller sizes are even sharp enough to get knitting needles banned on airplanes again.

I like them very much. Haven't used them enough to say I love them, but the cords are the best ever. Very flexible. Now when I start a project I have a choice between a sharp pointed needle and the duller Addis.

Start of Cozy in Cables with Viking braidIt was knowing the new Options needles were in the mail that inspired me to get the Frode sleeves done. When the needles arrived, I was ready to cast on my third big kids sweater for the CIC_Knit List.

Pattern: Cozy in Cables with Lavold's Little Framed Lattice from Viking Patterns for Knitting up the center in place of the seed stitch. Size 40 inches.

Yarn: Lamb's Pride Bulky from the Sheep Shed Studio.

Color: Brite Blue

Needles: Knitpicks Options 10.5

Gauge: 3 stitches/inch, 4.5 rows/inch

John's birthday socks in progressThe other project on the needles is Son John's birthday socks.

Pattern: 66 stitch basic sock. Stitch pattern below.

Yarn: Special Blauband fingering weight, 80% wool, 20% nylon

Color: Washington Redskin Maroon, as requested

Needles: Addi Turbo #1.

Gauge: 8 stitches/inch, 10 rows/inch

Close up of stitch pattern in Johns socksI'm sure this stitch pattern is in a book somewhere, but I just charted out a ribbing pattern I thought would look good for a man's sock.

Pattern repeat 6 stitches, 8 rows

Row 1: p, k, p4
Rows 2,3,4,6,7,8: p, k, p, k3
Row 5: p3, k3

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