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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Broken Record Rant

It snowed AGAIN yesterday!

Do I sound like a broken record? Does anyone use the term "broken record" anymore? It originated back in the olden days when vinyl records were played on a record player. When the record was scratched, the needle stuck in the groove and the same notes/words played over and over again.

I read a lot of knitting blogs.

When a knitting blogger posts a picture with beautiful yarn and/or a great pattern, I like to know what that yarn is and what pattern was used. When the blogger just throws up a picture of a gorgeous project and doesn't give me a clue, I scowl and create unattractive wrinkles on my face.

I know they think I can remember their post from a week ago (or a day ago) when they told me all the specs for what they're knitting. I don't. I'm old. I come from the days when "broken record" was understood by teenagers.

Since I'm reading blogs in Bloglines, I'm probably not going to endure my slow dialup connection to go searching back through old posts for the information.

My point? I wish bloggers would do "broken record" blogging and mention the important facts about their project each time they post a picture. Even a link to the post with the information would be welcome. Then I could click instead of frown.

On a related topic, when posting a seasonal picture (or a Saturday Sky picture), a blogger should not assume the reader is able to identify where it was taken. It's only a few extra keystrokes to include the vital geographic fact that makes the picture meaningful. Like this . . .

The sun peeking through the treesToday the sun is peeking through the trees in SW Michigan, but it's frigid cold outside (14 F/-10 C at lunch time) so we're enjoying the rays from indoors.

I define frigid cold as any temperature under 16 F where the road salt doesn't work and the dogs have trouble with their feet freezing.

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