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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Which Knitting Do I Pick Up Today?

First, The Weather
It's hot (82 F, 28 C), humid (72%), and hazy. The heat index is 87 F/31 C. Cooler than it has been, but we're worn down by the constant damp heat so it feels hotter. And, tomorrow it is going to be back in the 90s.

Thunderstorms predicted - all last week, tonight, tomorrow, and on into the future.

17 skeins Red Elegance Yarn from KnitpicksKnitpicks Order Arrived
Yesterday the Knitpicks package arrived with 18 skeins of Elegance in Barn Red for knitting the Hanover sweater in Jean Frost Jackets.

I immediately put down Harry Potter #4 and knit up a swatch on #3 needles, one size lower than the pattern. Still need to wash it before the final verdict on needle size. The #4 swatch was too big, so I think I've got it nailed now.

The big question that needs answering is: Am I going to cast on this jacket before finishing The Unplanned Scarf? It would be wise to finish the scarf first so I don't end up with The Unplanned/Unfinished Scarf.

Knitpicks did send the last skein of Andean Treasure for the The Unplanned Scarf in the dye lot I requested. There was no indication if they made an extra effort to accommodate my lack of foresight or if it just happened. Whichever it was, I am greateful.

Red Chutes and Ladders for CIC CIC Socks
One more Chutes and Ladders pair of CIC socks done.

This is red, sport weight Brown Sheep Nature Spun knit along with sock weight Lorna's Laces Flame. The socks aren't beautiful, but they're colorful and warm.

If I knit one more pair of Chutes and Ladders for CIC, I would earn another entry in the Six Sox CIC Drawing for some of Knitpicks new solid color sock yarn.

It isn't going to happen. My Chutes and Ladders attention span has been exceeded, and I'm ready to knit a different stitch pattern.

These socks haven't been washed and blocked yet.

The Six Sox CIC Drawing is resulting in dozens of nice, warm, wool socks for the kids. Some of the knitters are learning about CIC for the first time and I hope they will continue their CIC knitting when the drawing is over.

The first week's winners have received their prize yarn and report it is soft, pretty, 75% wool, 25% nylon. I'm planning to buy some as soon as possible. Why? Because I really need some more sock yarn? Of course!

Multicolor CIC socks without the stitch pattern showing More CIC Socks
Even before finishing the first adult More Fun Than Cables Sock, I started a smaller version for CIC.

The adult More Fun Than Cables Sock has a 16 stitch pattern repeat. If I don't stagger the cables, there's an 8 stitch repeat. Even 8 stitches is pushing it for a little 28 to 32 stitch CIC sock, so I reduced the faux cable to two stitches (from four) and removed the non-cabled rib.

Now I have More Fun Than Cables for CIC on 30 stitches with a six stitch repeat.

I think it's cute, but who knows for sure? The yarn is so busy I can hardly see the stitch pattern - and I know what it's supposed to be.

They're knitting up quick, so I won't mind knitting another pair in a solid color to photo with the pattern. When I do, that will complete my six pair summer CIC goal and I'll be caught up on my one-pair-a month 2005 CIC sock goal.

Meanwhile, my apologies for the picture not showing the stitch pattern.

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