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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Doggy Beach Party

Cattledog Favor going after a frisbee in the rough waves of Lake Michigan Last night some of the dogs from doggy school got together at Lake Michigan. Their humans had a picnic, the dogs had a swim.

Up in the picnic area Gail started the fire for the brats, we set out our dishes to pass, and everyone went down many stairs to the sandy beach.

It was breezy, which translates into waves. Several of the larger dogs had a great time fetching frisbees or balls in the rough water.

Group picture of all the beach party dogs that were still there as it approached sunset Hagar Shores is a bit of a drive, 35 to 40 miles for most of us, but is the only Lake Michigan beach we know of that allows dogs.

This picture was posed during the last trip down to the beach. Not all the dogs stayed for the second round of swimming, so this is a partial group of doggy beach party friends.

Behind the driftwood from left to right:
  • Layla, the Australian Shepherd
  • Favor, the Blue Heeler/Cattledog (also in the top picture)
  • Brianna, the white German Shepherd
  • Penny, the Springer Spaniel
  • Molly, the Sheep Dog Mix
  • Jazz, the Maltese
  • Sis, the Toy Poodle

In front of the driftwood from left to right:
  • Merlin, the Australian Shepherd
  • Sunny, my Second Generation Designer Dog
  • Effie, the Corgi
  • Casper, the Corgi

Sunny climbing the long long stairs from the beach to the picnic area Sunny was my companion for the evening. At last year's doggy beach party the water was calm and she did some swimming. This year she decided sensible little dogs did not belong in those waves.

I honored her reasonable request to stay on the sand.

She appeared to have a good time in her own Sunny way, but when she was ready to go, she was ready to go. She didn't waste any time beating me up the stairs to the picnic area where we watched the sunset and then headed for home,

Next doggy beach party is August 17 and I'm bringing Pappy. I have no idea if he can swim or what he'll think of the water, but I know he'll have a great time with his doggy friends.

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