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Monday, July 25, 2005

Weather Whine, Part II

The National Weather Service gives the most pessimistic and depressing forecasts. I guess that's their job, to warn us of the worse that can happen.

Yesterday's weather was much better than predicted.

Yes, there were thunderstorms Saturday night and Sunday morning, but we didn't get the high winds, hail, and flooding.

Yes, it was very hot (temp hit 96, heat index hit 110) and humid Sunday, but there was a little breeze and we were comfortable reading in front of the fan with nice cold drinks and some ice cream.

In the early evening, just as we were thinking the weather wasn't so bad after all, everything got very quiet as the power grid went out. The fans stopped spinning, the refrigerator stopped cooling, and (we have well water) the faucets stopped working, and the toilet stopped flushing. It was immediately miserable.

We were toward the east edge of the outage which extended to Lake Michigan, about 40 miles west of us, and lasted 5 hours.

We were just complaining commenting about the slow response of the power company when things started humming again. We immediately stopped talking and jumped in front of a fan.

Enough weather whining. I'm all done weather whining as long as the power stays on and my flight out of here (August 3) doesn't get cancelled. Before I stop, though, I have to say: July has not been a pleasant month this year. Is it August yet?

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