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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sunday Snippets for July 10

Yikes! Where is this month going? Where ever it's headed, it's one third of the way there already. Yikes!

Knitpicks Order
I kept knitting on the scarf I didn't intend to knit, the one with the pretty leaf motif where I was just trying out the stitch pattern. By the end of the first skein, I had 18 inches and declared the scarf a keeper.

Since I only have one more skein of yarn, that will make the scarf 36 inches. That's long enough for a dressy, pretty scarf, but not as long as I would like, so I ordered another skein. If I get the same dyelot (I requested it), or if the new dyelot matches, I'll have a 54 inch scarf.

After several days of indecision, I ordered 18 skeins of barn red Elegance to knit Hanover from Jean Frost Jackets with the same leaf motif and shadow ribbing as the scarf. I'm looking forward to getting it started.

Haloscan, the commenting software used on this blog, has been having server problems for the past month or so.

The comment counter at the end of each post is not accurate. There are more comments than the counter indicates.

They say they're going to have this problem fixed soon. Evidently "soon" means weeks or even months, obviously not hours.

Halascan is free with ads. I pay a small fee to have comments without ads. I'd be willing to pay a little more for a reliable service. Here's hoping the comments are tallying up correctly soon.

Greenfield Village Pictures
The selected pictures from our day at Greenfield Village are here.

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