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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Knitting Log for July 30

One finished More Fun Than Cables Sock in turquoise Opal UNI-SolidThe first More Fun Than Cables sock is done and a draft of the pattern is written.

Next I need to test knit the second sock using the pattern draft. Then the pattern will be ready to post.

Since I have many things to do before leaving on the trip to Idaho Wednesday, this is not going to get done until I get back. I expect to post the pattern sometime during the last two weeks of August.

The Unplanned Scarf is languishing in a knitting bag. I'm looking forward to picking it up again, but don't know when that is going to happen.

Lately I've been thinking about making some new rules for myself about number of simultaneous knitting projects. Right now I have four going, and that's just too many.

I think I might enjoy my knitting more if I started something and worked on it until done instead of skipping from project to project and having all the projects take what seems like forever.

I know that I don't want the Hanover Jacket to take seven months like the Lavold sweater. I want to knit on it, make progress, finish pieces of it, sew it together and wear it. And then knit another jacket.

Turquoise Jewel jacket by Jean Frost in Summer 2005 KnittersWhile in Barnes and Noble Wednesday I picked up the Summer 2005 Knitter's Magazine and flipped it open to something I actually wanted to knit, the Turquoise Jewel Jacket by Jean Frost.

Not only do I love the looks of this jacket, it is just the kind of knitting I love to do. As soon as a stitch pattern gets boring, it changes to another stitch pattern.

I'm 90% sure this jacket is in my knitting future.

Lately I've been somewhat tempted to knit a lace shawl. But not until this week did I see the first lace shawl pattern I could not resist buying, Violets by the River by Hazel Carter and sold through Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill.

It's a medium size shawl with the river (feather and fan) around the edges, lace violets (my favorite flower) in the body, and lace bees (how cute) along the edge.

The pattern is ordered and I'm looking forward finding some violet yarn and knitting this shawl. But first I have at least four other projects to finish.

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