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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Shocking Content in Cast On Magazine

Spring 2005 Cast On MagazineLast week the Spring 2005 Cast On arrived. Many of the sweaters are belly-showing short and boob-outlining tight. Not for the sagging over-sixty crowd to which I belong now.

There are a few designs shown on older people. They are also short, but do cover the skin - at least until the wearer raises her arms.

The most shocking thing in the entire magazine is a conservative man's sweater designed by Lorna Miser and knit in Lion Brand HOMESPUN.

For those who don't know, HOMESPUN is 100% cheap synthetic crap yarn that has the reputation for looking awful after one washing. And Lorna Miser formerly owned Lorna's Laces, a yarn company known for luscious hand dyed natural yarns.

How did this happen? Do you suppose Lorna actually knit up that design in HOMESPUN herself? Without barfing?

Maybe this a different Lorna? Please somebody tell me it's a different Lorna.


L said...

Hello, hello. Lorna Miser here. Yup, the same one from Lorna's Laces AND from the Cast On sweater. : )

I've been a free-lance designer for 2 years now, since selling LL. Naturally I love quality, delicious yarns as much as the next fiber snob. There is a place in the market for more available yarns also--the kinds available at your local WalMart and Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics. For this design assignment, I was given several strict guidelines to stay within, a real designer challenge. Imagine being asked to please design a man's pullover using Homespun in BRIGHT BLUE to make a "GQ" sweater. I did my best to combine those ingredients in one garment (!) and that's what you see. sigh. I hope that you can also imagine it in 100% wool or cashmere...or maybe Lorna's Laces Shepherd Bulky. Perfect! At least the design is wearable and classic.

Another piece of info: Magazines OFTEN change the yarn selection from what the designer has chosen.

Anonymous said...

How nice of Lorna Miser to reply. My guess was going to be that she was somehow paid to endorse/use the brand that is apparently gross...probably Homespun pays big advertising money to the magazine and there is a deal to feature their yarns.

Marguerite said...

Lorna, how great to hear from you! Glad to know you survived the HOMESPUN encounter and are still smiling.

The sweater design is very attractive and I happen to be very fond of basketweave stitch patterns, so it could happen that I do knit this sweater in a nice wool.

Kathy said...

Yikes!! I use Homespun quite often. I have made hats, scarfs, and afghans. Am presently knitting what I call yoga pants out of Homespun. I have never had any problems with it and the afghans have been around for 1 yr. plus. The yoga pants have already been made by various members of my knitting group and 3 months later are still loved by their recipients. So maybe we have been lucky?

Anonymous said...

This is from Violet's non-knitting sister. Actually, the Homespun sounds ok to me -- I am vegan and I don't use wool, silk, mohair, cashmere etc. Is the main problem with the Homespun that it doesn't look presentable sometimes after it is washed? I have lots of acrylic types of clothes and I always use a delicate, cold-water wash...

mp said...

I didn't renew Cast on so it was very interesting to read your review and see I was right! As for Lorna, I was also wondering about her take on another pattern she designed using another awful yarn. I kind of feel sorry for her having to use awful yarns after helping us all to enjoy such nice ones.