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Friday, January 28, 2005

Pie, Socks, and UNI-Solids

Piece of Mom's apple pie and cup of coffeeBirthday Pie
Yesterday the sun came out. It was only for show, not to warm things up.

It did mean that it wasn't snowing or freezing drizzling and I could drive to Mom's without sliding off the road.

She baked the birthday apple pie and made coffee. I picked up two Spicy Chicken Sandwiches from Wendy's for the main course, and we had a wonderful lunch together.

Then, because it was my birthday pie, I got to bring the rest of it home to share with Bob. It didn't last the day. Yum. Thanks Mom.

I'm glad we didn't have the pie until I was done pouting about my birthday. It deserved to be eaten with a happy spirit.

Cuffs of Rainbow Ripple socks in Opal Elements 1070Socks
My current pair of on-the-needle socks is an interesting horizontal lace pattern knit with Opal Elements 1070.

The lace pattern is a variation on Old Shale/Feather and Fan. Very pretty with the stripped yarn.

I'm still a little apprehensive about the fit, so I'm trying them on often. They're snug so I'm planning to knit the cuff about six inches instead of my usual seven or eight. It does appear they are going to stay up.

Where to Buy Opal UNI-Solid
Numerous knitters mentioned they haven't been able to find the Opal UNI-Solid yarn.

My favorite on-line Opal yarn store is Fiber Nooks and Crannys . I highly recommend a visit if you want some UNI-Solid .

They are always quick to get the new Opal collections up online. On a few occasions I've even found the new stuff on their website before it was announced to the Opal Chatters List.

They're also quick to ship. Even though they're in Oregon and I'm in Michigan, I get my yarn in three days.


SB said...

I've been admiring your Valentine socks for the past week and finally decided to knit myself a pair. It's so funny that you write where to order the Uni solids yarn as the 3 skeins I ordered from FNC Yarns arrived in the mail today. Can't wait to get started! You have a great website and your handiwork is very inspiring. Just what I *don't* need...more projects to add to the list! Have a great wknd.

Anonymous said...

I love looking at your socks. I am also inspired to knit the Valentine socks as you did. What about the pattern for this new vertical lace pair? Is it your pattern to post? I'd like more info, if possible. Thanks.
Nancy (nbgriz)