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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Even the Dogs Are Bored

Sunny and Pappy taking a nap on the old sofaI've been knitting this weekend, but nothing you want to see or hear about.

WARNING! Boring post alert!

Knitting Swatches
Yesterday I couldn't resist knitting a swatch for my Lavold Sweater. So I did. A very nice swatch with #6 needles. It looked and measured way to loose, so I knit a second swatch with #4 needles, washed both of them, and laid them out to dry.

This morning I did the final measuring. Boy did the swatches ever change after washing. The #6 was closest but still big. The #4 was too small. So I sat down and knit a third swatch. Hopefully #5s are the answer.

Three days after I bought the yarn, the Knitpicks catalog arrived with Lavold Silky Tweed on sale for $4.79 a skein. I paid $7.95.

After moaning and groaning about my poor timing, I looked more carefully and saw that the color I bought, 06 Rust, was not listed in Knitpicks. I love the color and wouldn't trade it, so all is well.

Knitting Heels
Both Sweet Valentine cuffs are done and the heels have been started. The rest of the sock is standard with nothing more interesting than some k2p2 ribbing down the instep.

Instead of working on them, I cast on . . .

CIC Vest Number 4
Knitting it in a simple pattern just to get it done. It's the last one I plan on doing this month. I'm ready to have them done and in the mail.

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