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Friday, January 07, 2005

Knitting Log for January 7

John's Birthday Socks
I'm looking for the perfect sock yarn to knit socks for son John. He has yet to experience a pair of Mom's handknits. After seeing the other socks I've knit, he requested a pair and I'm happy to oblige.

I want to have them done by his 35th birthday in March. No yarn I have or no yarn I see strikes me as the perfect one, and time is getting short.

Next Socks?
I was going to start a pair of socks in Opal Elements 1070 for myself, but the Sweet Valentine pattern in The Sock Journal is calling to me. I happen to have a skein of pink Opal Uni-Solid 15, and Granddaughter Kimmy has requested a pair of pink socks.

Pink socks with hearts really should be done by Valentine's Day, don't you think?

Hélène's Old Shale Two Yarn Socks.
Helene's Old Shale Two Yarn Socks

When she sent me the picture, she wrote:
Hello Marguerite.
Here is a picture of my socks. They are still hot off the needles. The cuff part is done in Regia that I had left over from a previous pair of socks. I had just a little over 16 inches left of the Regia.

The body is from stash yarn name unknown.

Tomorrow I will cast on for the Old Shale again. I have some leftover that is calling to me. This time I will try Carol's moss stitch short row heel and moss toe.

The Papillon is lovely.

Lady in Knitting

Had to laugh about the "The Papillon is lovely." comment, since the picture shows him on his back sleeping with his feet in the air and his tongue hanging out.

The observation is accurate, though. He is lovely.

Thanks for sending the sock picture, Hélène. I'm looking forward to seeing your second pair.

You have to see Dorothy's Viking Turid!

She wrote
"I just can't say enough about how much fun Elsbeth Lavold's patterns are! They are a challenge and you have to read very, very carefully, but once again I feel as if I have created magic."
That just sounds like too much fun. I love challenges where I have to read carefully and the results are something magical.

January is CIC Vest Challenge month, but I could fit in a swatch or two in preparation for a sweater in February. Not the Turid, but a Lavold is toward the top of the selection list.

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