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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

CIC Vest Challenge Update - Week 3

For this week's January 2005 CIC Vest Challenge update there were 67 mailed vests to report to the CIC_Knit List.

That doesn't sound like many if you think of the thousands of orphans in Eastern Europe. I prefer to think of it as 67 kids that are going to be warmer. Looking at it from that point of view makes every single vest important.

Most knitters are throwing their vests in a pile to be mailed at the end of the challenge, so I'm expecting many more vests to be sent in during the next two weeks. We're not a very chatty list, so I can't guess how many vests there are going to be.

There are ten vests in my house to mail in on Friday. My friend Sherry knit six and I knit four.
Two CIC vests knit from Lopi

This picture is the last two of my four. Number one is here. Number two is here.

These two are also Lopi.

The vest on the left is knit all in one color with cables and moss stitch on the front and back. Or is that seed stitch? I can never keep them straight. I think this is a classy looking little vest. If I knit up another one like this I'll record the pattern.

The vest on the right is an obvious attempt to use up leftover yarn. It was also an armhole experiment that turned out OK. I think the ribbed armband looks nicer than the garter edge when there are stripes in the upper half. And it's a good opportunity to use up short yarn lengths.

I pronounce my CIC knitting done for January.

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