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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

No Pie for A Knitter of Ugly Socks

Modern Romance socks knit with Crocodile IIUgly Socks
Joanne asked to see the ugly socks so you all have to look. Here they are.

They're on some cardboard sock blockers I made before I got the nice sock blockers I use for pictures now. That doesn't help them look any better.

Neither does the lily.

I do want to repeat that I am completely responsible for these socks being ugly. The Modern Romance pattern is very nice and the red Crocodile II yarn is colorful and pretty. It was my mistake in combining the two that caused this mess.

No Apple Pie
I'm supposed to be eating wonderful home baked apple pie at Mom's right now.

The apple pie is a birthday present that only Mom can give. She makes fantastic, old fashioned, labor intensive apple pies with a crust to die for.

My morning plan was to drive to Kalamazoo (about 20 miles), get a haircut, pick up some fast food sandwiches to take to Mom's for lunch.

Mom was going to stick the apple pie in the oven about 11:30 and we were going to eat it freshly baked.

The weather man had been predicting freezing drizzle for the past several days. We were about ready to write it off as a bad forecast when it started at 9 am this morning, putting a nice coat of ice on everything including the roads and the existing snow.

One of the advantages of old lady hood is that I now feel no compunction to be out driving around on icy roads. I rescheduled my haircut for next week and sat down to knit on my latest pair of socks for a while.

The drizzle turned to snow and the temperature started plunging. It's supposed to be around zero F by this evening.

Great weather to stay home and knit. But I have plans to go to a lecture on fens with a friend, so I need to start chipping that ice off my car now. I don't think the sun is going to melt it.


margene said...

Glad you aren't being punished for knitting 'ugly' socks. If they are warm then it doesn't matter. Hope you stay warm and safe.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the socks are ugly! Unusual, yes; ugly, no!

Maureen said...

I hope you get your pie eventually! Ugly socks are fun and festive! And those lacy heart ones came out beautifully! Had to catch up on several days of blogging! Nice work! Ahhh winter weather!

DJ said...

I know just how you feel. I knit a pair of spiral ribbed tube socks a couple of years ago using 2 strand of ugly 70's colored yarn. Oh my, I hated the things they were the ugliest socks I had ever seen! I only wore them when no one was home and my feet were freezing, in other words: rarely! I gave them to my dd a few months ago because her floors are very cold and drafty and at 5'4" and under 100#'s she was always cold,
no fat to keep her warm, something I have never experienced, believe me.
She wears them all the time and all her friends want me to make some for them. Every time I see those socks they look better. They are really growing on me now that they are on her feet. So, take heart. And yours don't seem ugly to me. Eye of the beholder!
Hugs, DJ