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Monday, July 09, 2012

Barn Renovation

Once upon a time, twenty-one years ago, DH and I bought a house on five acres in the country. There was also a large cement block barn. We used it to store the lawn mower.

After several decades of neglect, it was time for the barn to be cleaned out and spiffed up.

Matt and Nate were eager to do the job. Matt's grandparents used to live next door and Matt has fond memories of playing in the barn when he was a child.

First they cleaned the junk out of it, some of it so old it was left by the previous owners. Next they removed two crumbling additions on the north and west sides.

Then it was time for a new windows and a new roof. There were holes in the old roof that let the sun shine in, so new sheeting was needed.

I don't remember what they called the layer on top of the sheeting and before the shingles. Something to do with keeping moisture out.

The cement blocks were painted and the east and west peaks were sided.

Doors were replaced and another coat of paint applied.

A friend suggested it was time to get some chickens and a pregnant goat. What I'm hoping will happen is that someone will want to buy the property so they can have some chickens and a pregnant goat.

A few years ago, my neighbor to the west did have a goat. It didn't like to stay home and it caused the only dog fight my dogs have ever experienced. You can read about it here. More about the goat is here.


Sandy W said...

Your "new" barn looks wonderful. I'm sure it will be a plus for your property when you sell it. I bet it was fun to watch the whole process.

BeadKnitter said...

The barn is beautiful. I really like the color it's painted. So nice to see a barn that isn't red. ;-)

carol said...

WOW!!!! What a difference hard work makes, huh. Great looking but I'd forget about the goats, etc.

NWMiCheryl said...

Barn looks great, goats not needed.

kathy b said...

Wow I had not read about the dog fight over the goat...interesting. Way to go little one!
Someone will fall I love with that property m, I know I would.

Lion's Paw said...

Very nice job on the barn!

Richard Boles said...

It’s amazing how Matt and Nate made the barn look amazing again! They have given the barn a whole new life, and I think it’s more functional now. The roof looks sturdier, and the color matches the siding quite nicely. Kudos to both of you, Matt and Nate!